5 key Pinterest tips to grow traffic in 2020

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Pinterest is incredibly powerful for bringing new visitors to your blog. We know this. What’s difficult though is keeping up with Pinterest changes and maintaining those visitors on a consistent basis.

I’ve been coaching bloggers and businesses in the art of Pinterest Marketing for 3 years. And I’ve seen how Pinterest updates can affect blogs – if you don’t adapt, you lose your traffic, and ultimately you lose heart in the one platform that’s more effective than all the others. (Check out Jen’s Pinning Made Simple course.)

These are 5 of the most important aspects of pinning in 2020. They’re the key elements that mean you’ll build and grow your traffic, increasing your audience and giving you a great opportunity to reach more people with your content.

1. Consistency

If you’re determined to make a difference with your blog this year, you need to show up. You need to be committed, with a strong goal and a conviction like never before. Blogging isn’t easy, but if you want to be sure of increasing your reach, you’ll need this approach with Pinterest too.

My first tip is to make a commitment to yourself that you’ll turn up. Every day if necessary, and share 10 pins to your account. That’s all it takes. A consistent, steady stream of pins, each and every day.

2. Create Pin Friendly Images

If you’re going to put in that much effort though, you want your pins to have the right effect. You want to inspire pinners to click on them, not just save them to boards. You might have good reach but do you have people clicking on your images to find out more?

Make sure you add some text. Make it clear what your pin is about and entice a pinner to your blog content – make them want more!

3. Descriptions

One of the most important, yet overlooked elements of a pin, is the description. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t working for you. A good keyword-rich description will help you get found in the search results.

If you’re not optimising your description already you need to. Use the Pinterest search bar to add your keyphrase and use the resulting guided search boxes to fill out your description. It’s a sure way to make your description relevant in Pinterest SEO. And it’s free.

4. Pinning Plan

You must have a strategy, or a plan when it comes to using Pinterest. If you’ve made a commitment to get it working for you then you may as well do it properly.

Show up, with great pins and descriptions and with a solid plan in place.

Remember you’ll need your 10 pins a day, and pin to the 80/20 rule. 80% your pins and 20% others.

One lesser known fact – make sure you save your pin to the most relevant board first. Instead of saving to your Best Of board, save a pin about your family holiday to Disney, to your Disney or USA board first. It helps Pinterest understand your pin better.

5. Metrics

Finally, ready your statistics regularly. It’s the best way to understand if your efforts are working, or not, so you can adjust your plan accordingly.

Now my one piece of advice in this area is to forget about your Monthly Unique Viewers; it’s a vanity metric and means NOTHING.

The only metric you should be paying attention to is your Pinterest traffic from Google Analytics. Check out your top 10 Pinterest pins and their associated blog posts to see EXACTLY what your pinning audience is interested in.

Follow these 5 main areas in 2020, applying these ideas and you’ll have more success from your pinning efforts.

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Jen Stanbrook is a seasoned blogger at Love Chic Living (see her Love Chic Living Pinterest here) and has been a Pinterest Coach for over 3 years. With more than 1 million hits to her blog in 2 years, between 50k and 100k Pinterest clicks each month, she has 1 million followers on Pinterest too.

5 key Pinterest tips to grow traffic in 2020

5 key Pinterest tips to grow traffic in 2020

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