4 charities that need your help now


Hope you are all keeping safe and well. We are into the 3rd month of lockdown and seems like we have to get used to this new lifestyle because things will slowly change back to some sort of a normal (can anyone remember what was that like at all?) Whilst we all struggle to some degree, it’s worth to check up on those less fortunate than us. Local charities, small businesses and social enterprises all need our attention. Below I’ve put together a collections of charity related posts to read and be inspired to help others.


1. Marie Curie’s Emergency Appeal

First, sadly, very urgent help is needed for the Marie Curie’s Emergency Appeal. As Kate On Thin Ice writes about it: in normal times, volunteers would be collecting on the streets for this charity. There would also be fundraising events and community activities. Some of us would be buying from charity shops. Due to lockdown and social distancing measures, all of this is at best on hold for some time. That adds up to a worrying lack of funds going towards the vital care that Marie Curie nurses and hospices provide. Read her post and how to help here.


2. Child Bereavement UK

Second, Where Roots and Wings Entwine is inviting you to climb the Kilimanjaro. Well, not really, it’s a family challenge from Child Bereavement UK. This imaginative challenge will see participants keep active, work as a team and keep up their spirits while stuck indoors. It’s an exciting fundraising event that the whole family can get involved in. If you’re intrigued by the idea, read about it here.


3. Muntinlupa Food Drive

Then another Corona virus related post by Elyse: raising awareness for the Muntinlupa Food Drive, and the amazing work they have been doing in and around Muntinlupa region of the Philippines. They are a non-profit group that aims to help people around Muntinlupa by soliciting donations and distributing food to those who needs it most – in such hard times like now it’s much needed.


4. NHS This Bird Crochets

And last but not least a super heartwarming post by Rachel Bustin: crocheted little bears in scrubs helping to raise funds for the NHS. Made by This Bird Crochets and they cost £10 of which £8 goes to the NHS charity. (The other £2 is going back in to buy more wool to make more bears.)

If you know of any other charities that need support now, please leave a link below.

Stay safe and be kind.


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