39 ways to eat eggs #BritishEggWeek

Boiled? Scrambled? Poached? That might be how we think about eggs first thing in the morning but there are so many more easy ways to cook with them. At the #BritishEggWeek Twitter party BritMums bloggers talked eggs and shared favourite recipes, discovering diverse ways you can enjoy eggs whilst watching your health and your budget.

Thanks to British Lion Eggs who sponsored our #britisheggweek Twitter Party. Look out for the red Lion stamp when shopping as your assurance that the eggs are British and produced to the highest standards of food safety. Visit their site for answers to your egg questions.


My girls loved scrambled egg with red or brown sauce on toast @gettogirl09

Not a recipe as such but I love adding a good pinch of chilli flakes to scrambled eggs to give them oomph! @Lindyluu47

I love scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, squeeze of lemon, and parsley on top. @mummyratesit

Love curried scrambled eggs – perfect. @_saskiacolesxo

Scrambled eggs, 2 eggs, beat a bit, heat butter in pan, add eggs, stir when cooking, and eat when lovely and creamy. @liveotherwise


A nice dippy egg with toast soldiers. @RubbishWife

My hangover cure of choice is two hard boiled eggs, sliced and dipped in salad cream. Works a treat! @staffstechgirl


Poached egg (easy when just laid) on muffin with asparagus and crispy bacon. @Prawny2004

Got to be asparagus and Parmesan with a lovely golden oozing poached egg sitting perfectly on top with black pepper. @lauraclegg


We love omelettes with a bit of cheese and various veggies for flavour. @Sebsmummy

My husband makes the best omelettes – trick is to take it off the flame before it is too set. @jhowze


Frittata is a fave mid-week supper – add anything faves are feta, courgettes, potatoes and peppers. @b_fly77

Red onion and goat’s cheese frittata, yum J @DaisyBeeBee

Old favourites

My great aunt used to put hard boiled eggs in salads. Absolutely delicious with salad cream. @ChelseaMamma

Simply eggs fried in a bit of butter and eaten with toast. @TheGbMum

Love eggy bread too.  Fry bread in a little butter and add egg mixture, salt, pepper, little milk and fry simples! @melandjake99

Scotch eggs. Sausage meat, eggs, mustard, paprika, breadcrumbs, milk, flour. @annabellarella

I love a Quiche Lorraine with a simple salad and new potatoes.  Next recipe to teach my teenage son. @melandjake99

Pancakes are always welcome and they need eggs J @ali991


Are we forgetting a good old fried egg n bacon sarnie? (ssshhh, had one today, don’t tell my diet) @Janbagnall

Nothing better than a tuna, boiled egg and cheese toastie for me, just had it for my dinner. @andiecaz

Mix cooked egg yolk with ripe avocado – makes a tasty topper or sandwich filler. @tcameron983

Sweet treats

I love Brioche dipped in egg, fried, sprinkled with icing sugar and served with bananas and maple syrup! So indulgent! @b_fly77

My favourite egg recipe is Delia’s pavlova and I make tiramisu with left over yolks! @AModernMother

The best thing about eggs is you can use them to make cakes. @ChelseaMamma

Egg custard is delicious! 300ml milk, 300ml cream, 4 egg yolks, 4tbsp caster sugar, ½ tbsp. vanilla essence. @Sarah_Ly

I make a sweet version of eggy bread for my guys dipped in egg/milk/sugar/pinch of cinnamon mix. @maximka25

Inspiration from other countries

Hubby makes a lovely egg soup with chicken.  It’s a popular Greek recipe – avgolemoni. @LilinhaAngel

I love Nasi Goreng, an Indonesian dish made with egg fried rice, chicken, peppers and peanuts plus loads of soy sauce. @b_fly77

English muffin egg pizzas.  Slice muffin, place a slice of tomato on and a sliced boiled egg on top with cheese = yum! @MonsterMummies

I love Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup with egg.  It’s delicious and really filling too. @melandjake99

Mini egg and bacon croquet-monsieur baked in a muffin tray J perfect quick breakfast J @Coxeefoxy

Easy eggs

My easy egg recipe: leftover rice, add 2 eggs, grated cheese, sweet corn and peas.  Stir and enjoy. @LilnhaAngel

Tomato and sausage casserole – 15 mins before finish I crack 5 eggs on top of casserole and put back in oven. @cherrymoulton1

Cooking Tips

Put a lid on frying pan when making an omelette, don’t need to flip it. @Hertschick

When frying eggs, use non-stick pan, add eggs and then a couple of spoons of water: put a lid on. @baggiesbabe69

Healthy Eating

Eggs are a great diet food – protein keeps you full and poached/boiled eff is only approx. 80 cals or 2 ww points. @SonyaCisco

Did you know today’s eggs contain more Vit D and fewer calories than 30 years ago? @BritMums

The Last Word

Agree that eggs are great value for money, so versatile!  You can create endless tasty recipes! @LilinhaAngel


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  1. 19 October 2012 / 09:22

    A favourite in our house is a ‘Saltzburg special” (named after the Swiss lady who taught it to my mum back in the 50’s) Beaten egg mixed with grated strong cheese, spread on toast and grilled, you get a wonderful scrambled egg/welsh rarebit combo – and with wholemeal toast and maybe a little diced ham or tomatoes, a quick, healthy lunch!! In fact I’m going to have it today now I’ve mentioned it!