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29 of our favourite lockdown bakes

29 of our favourite lockdown bakes

A huge warm baking welcome to you. I am finding great respite in the sunshine and the extra time I have to enjoy it. I am lucky enough to have a good sized garden and so have somewhere to chuck the kids out into when they are driving me crazy. But I do know for some this is not such an easy option. 

I am enjoying too, the slower pace of my new routine. The days are so much less frenetic and stressed. I actually have time to not only smell the roses but to grow some. We have even planted some vegetables. Our first foray into the world of carrots, sweetcorn and butternut squash. Unsure really quite what we were doing, I have tended them with care until one morning we had a mole appear in our hole, or several of the damn things to be exact.

The appropriate traps delivered, my daughter literally threw herself over the vegetable patch in an effort to save the pesky creatures. We caved, unable to stand firm amongst the hysterics, and have been blasting the holes with a fog horn every evening instead. Apparently YouTube thinks it will do the trick….who knew? YouTube probably doesn’t.

So how are YOU all doing? Are you loving or loathing Lockdown? It is ok to feel either. For a while I just whispered to close friends about my own love of Lockdown. But found that in reality a lot of them echoed my enjoyment. So now I feel ok to actually say it out loud.

It has been drastically helped too by all the baking I have been able to do. Trialling new recipes for my blog and finding alternative ingredients for others. What have you found yourself baking time and time again? Have you discovered new recipes that have now become firm favourites?

These are the questions I have been asking my fellow bloggers and I am here to share with you the results, direct from their Lockdown blogging kitchens.

I will start at the very beginning and for me that is the recipe that I have made the absolute most. It is my White Bread Recipe. Finding it difficult to fit enough bread from the supermarket in my freezer to keep us going the entire week, I have been baking bread a whole lot. I have made it both as a Loaf and as Bread Rolls and they are delicious. I have been able to teach the children how to make it too. They loved learning how to roll the Rolls and are absolute professionals at it now. I love that!

Easy bread recipes

Easy white bread recipe

sliced white loaf spread with butter on a wooden board with a knife and butter


Supergoldenbakes has this Easy Two Hour No Knead Bread that she has found herself baking time and time again. “This no knead bread is so easy and takes minutes to throw together. Perfect for avoiding the shops in this strange time and keeping the family with freshly baked bread” My thoughts exactly too.

Recipes Made Easy is somewhat of a bread making expert and she has been baking gorgeous No Knead Sourdough in her Lockdown kitchen. “I’ve made sourdough at least once a week for over 10 years but now we are eating more bread at home so making it several times a week. It also helps by saving my limited supply of yeast for making buns.” One of the best reasons ever!

Baking Queen 74 ran low on bread flour so has been baking her Easy White Soda Bread. ” I’ve been making soda bread quite a lot since my strong flour ran out. So quick to prepare and can be ready in just over half an hour”

Lavender and Lovage has been baking this great recipe, Milk Fadge Bread. A simple no-yeast quick bread that has a nice crumb and texture, due to a little fat being added to the dough. Karen says,  “I’ve been making my EMERGENCY BREAD, similar to soda bread it uses plain flour.”

Tin and Thyme had me at cheese….. How good do these look? Choclette enjoys her Cheese Baps for lunch. “Filling, cheesy and delicious, there’s nothing quite like a cheese bap for lunch. If you like a good cheese sandwich, these baps are brilliant. The cheese is already inside the bread, so all you have to do is cut one in half, butter it and add a goodly sized portion of cress or watercress.”

Wholemeal cheese baps with butter and cress.


Quiche and sausage roll recipes

Talking of cheese, another favourite of mine that I have been baking week in and week out is Quiche. I like to have one in the fridge almost permanently during summer. That way I have an instant meal/picnic food at my fingertips. A quick blast in the microwave and some salad on a plate and it is summer dining at it’s cheesy best. Cheese and Onion Quiche and Quiche Lorraine are my go to’s.

Another savoury classic picnic food are Sausage Rolls and these from Feast Glorious Feast are humdingers. Chloe said, “It’s been a sausage fest in this house. We always keep pastry and sausage meat in the freezer and they’re great to have in the house for quick lunches” I’ve already told her I’m moving next door!

Moving onto the all important sweet treats that have been turning up on bloggers wire racks repeatedly across the land.

Sweet treats recipes

What has been continuously making it into my Tupperware, in probably an unhealthy amount, is my Easy Chocolate Brownies and my Nutella Brownies. Always so simple to bring together with i

chocolate brownies on a tray sliced into squares with a knife laying beside them

ncredible results,why damn well wouldn’t you?

The Crazy Kitchen has been making her own Brownie recipe a lot but without the Creme Eggs because she hasn’t been able to get hold of any! They still look incredible.

Curly’s Cooking likes to bake Small Batch Brownies which can be useful for a whole host of slimming reasons! ” I’ve baked these the most during lockdown because they need small quantities of ingredients which is great when they’ve been hard to come by. And also it only makes a small amount which is perfect when it’s just the two of us.”

 With great delight, really great delight actually, I realised that my Easy Chocolate Cake baked up perfectly as a standard traybake. Traybakes are perfect for homebaking aren’t they? It’s not about the piping for most of us at the moment. Probably because I’m a bit rubbish at it. Easy baking and easy eating are what it’s all about at my house anyway.

Sew White shared her own beautiful Raspberry White Chocolate Traybake . “For me and my family our favourite lockdown bake has been the raspberry and white chocolate cookie traybake. It a great mix of cookie and cake and way too easy to eat.”

Squidgy giant chunky cookie made with raspberries and white chocolate chips. An easy traybake for the children and family baking.

Cake recipes

Feast Glorious Feast brings us a more classic cake vibe here with her Victoria Sandwich Cake. ” To keep things sweet, we head for old school classics so there have been a few Vicky sponges on the go” The oldies are usually the goodies.

Only Crumbs Remain loves another old time bake with this Pineapple Upside Down Cake.” When it comes to a sweet treat this is our favourite retro bake. Its pure comfort food perfect for a weekend dessert”

pineapple upside down cake on a plate with cake slice and pot of cream

The Petite Cook has this genius recipe for Water Cake. “I’ve been making this super easy cake every week during lockdown, as it uses the most basic ingredients and I can save up milk and eggs for our meals!” What a thrifty deal!

Banana Bread has been one of the most popular bakes for everyone. Lost In Food has been baking this one. Easy Banana Bread, They say, “Lost count the number of these so far!”

Fab Food 4 All says about her Spelt Banana Bread, “I have made this Spelt Banana Bread the most during lockdown. It’s so delicious and a very forgiving recipe as I didn’t have spelt flour so used a mixture of what I had! I’ve made a note of this in the recipe.”

Spelt Banana Bread sliced on a wooden board.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy has been baking the carrot pants off her Easy Carrot Cake. ” Such a simple recipe – it is always in the tin for hungry people – takes no time – seriously tasty and it contains carrots!!!” Five a day and all that!

A couple of cupcakes have also made it to the cake top ten. Hannah from Crunch and Cream has a great Eggless Chocolate Brownie Cupcake, “I’ve made these a few times since they’re eggless so it’s easier to get all the ingredients! Plain yogurt has been pretty easy to get in comparison! Plus, they’re very good for dropping off for neighbours and friends!”

Something Sweet Something Savoury has been baking these beautiful Lemon Drizzle Cupcakes. ” I’ve made these lemon drizzle cupcakes several times for my husband’s colleagues (social carers) they are super popular and quick and easy to make!” What a lovely idea!

Cookie and biscuit recipes

Moving onto the Cookies and Biscuits we have these Soft Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Searching For Spice. ” I’ve been making these chocolate chip cookies almost every week as they are so easy to make and the children can help too. You just mix everything up and you can make them different each time by substituting some of the chocolate chips for something else. Right now we love adding mini marshmallows”

soft chewy chocolate chip cookies

Jo’s Kitchen Larder has found her Chocolate Fork Biscuits to be just the ticket during lockdown. “These Chocolate Fork Biscuits have been real life savers during lockdown when it comes to keeping kids busy as well as providing us with delicious chocolate treats. 

My Easy Shortbread Cookies have been brilliant too. I keep half the batch rolled into a cookie log and wrapped in cling film in the fridge ready for quick and easy baking for a treat or snack. The children have loved to slice off the cookies themselves a couple at a time to put on the baking tray.

Kavey Eats has been baking these Ginger & Oat Cookies. Just perfect when you are low on eggs. 

Casa Costello too has been keen to bake without eggs with her Classic Jam & Cream Scones. ”  I’ve made batches of these scones – Mainly at the beginning because they were eggless and so were we. As time has gone on, they have been great for quick bakes as I’ve been busy working but great for dropping off at the grandmas as part of their food parcels”

As soon as eggs were back on the shelves I could not help but bake my Meringues every weekend. Crisp on the outside but delightfully chewy within, my children go wild for them. They have become, perhaps, my favourite bake of Lockdown. Served with the typically summer ingredients of strawberries and cream, you would do well to find better! They get me every single time.

glass bowl filled with meringues, a bowl of strawberries next to it.


Foodle Club bakes her Coconut Meringue Tarts with the same enthusiasm for her husband. ” I have a coconut lover in the house – hubby devours bounty bars whenever he thinks I’m not looking. So I’ve been doing a lot of baking with coconut to keep him happy”

I hope you have found these favourite Lockdown recipes useful and inspiring. I know I have and feel like I have gotten to know everyone in the blogging community a little better too. That is another great positive from this situation. Communities seem to have rallied together in the face of this disease. So many acts of kindness shown, from baking gifts to mowing vulnerable people’s lawns. Communities are proving that they can look after their own. I really hope it proves to be a lasting one.


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Jacqueline Bellefontaine

Thursday 18th of June 2020

Great round up Jenny. Thanks for including my lock down bakes. I found baking a great comfort over the recent weeks and Im sure many others have too. Im looking forward to trying some of the bakes here afterall you just cant do too much home baking. (well i guess you can in lockdown when its not quite so easy to give to friends and family but thats what the freezer is for.

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