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£2 fun fitness class you can do online

£2 fun fitness class you can do online


Ginger Warrior Dance Fitness

Remember Cerys from BritMums Live? She’s hoping to bring lots of smiles (and sweat!!) directly to your very own living room from mine in an attempt to try and forget, even for an hour, the craziness going on out there. And boy, is it crazy!! She wants everyone to stay in shape physically and mentally as we navigate the Coronavirus storm together!
At the moment she is offering an online classes for the whole family:
  • Saturdays 10 – 10.30 am

Who are classes for?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in any of the sessions – men, women and children alike. Morning sessions may suit some (especially parents with kids they wish to entertain and hopefully tire out!!) whereas others prefer an evening workout. Join in one class or all classes – the choice is yours! And I can always add on another evening class if there is a demand. All you need is comfy workout gear, trainers, a bottle of water, a towel and a happy heart! Oh, and a sports bra if yours jiggle about like mine! 🤪


Only £2 per household!

Contact Ceri to join the virtual fun  [email protected]

Here’s an example of what you’ll do in class



Pin it for later! Try these £2 family fitness classes with the Ginger Warrior!


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