18 simple balanced meat recipes you’ll love

We love sharing simple balanced meals with our families. We asked some top family bloggers to share their favourite easy meat recipes, from meaty pasta dishes to slow-cooker cuts to asian-inspired meals. They feature lamb, beef and pork in tasty combinations for quick and easy meals.

These kid-friendly meat recipes feature store cupboard ingredients, so are easy to make anytime. These recipes also have lots of easy swaps so you can substitute in vegetables your family likes and adjust seasonings for fussy eaters. 

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Sweet pulled pork slaw rolls

Sweet Pork Slaw Rolls. Pic: Let’s Talk Mommy

6 quick and easy pork recipes

These balanced meal ideas will please children and grown-ups alike. 

Capricci with Diced Pork and Tomato Marcapone Sauce – Tender pork with a creamy sauce

Sticky Glazed Pork – You can adapt the stickiness in this affordable meal

Sweet Pork Slaw Rolls – Yummy pulled pork with homemade red cabbage cole slaw

Meatballs with Red Peppers and Mediterranean Salad – Pair these easy meatballs with avocado, feta and cucumber

Honey Garlic Pork Stir Fry – An easy stir fry that satisfies fussy eaters

Lean Pork Lettuce Wraps — This recipe also features sweetcorn and tomatoes and you can top them sour cream, cheese and homemade barbecue sauce


easy minted slow cooker lamb shank

Easy Minted Slow Cooker Lamb Shank. Pic: Extraordinary Chaos

6 easy ways to cook lamb

These lamb recipes are filling and delicious, and use a variety of vegetables and spices.

Lamb Meatloaf – easy to pair with whatever vegetables you have, is quick and easy, and can frozen to keep

Moroccan Lamb – a slow cooker dish that melts in your mouth.

Easy Minted Slow Cooker Lamb – Serve this lamb shank with mint gravy and vegetables like peas, parsnips and mashed potatoes

Simple Roast Lamb – A shoulder of lamb that you can make in slow cooker or dutch oven

Moroccan Lamb Stew – Quick and easy, tomato-based stew with carrots and sweet potatoes

Slow Cooker Moroccan Lamb Stew – This version features dried fruit, squash, chickpeas and lemon

Quick and Easy Greek Style Pork Kebab Wraps – Kids love these tasty wraps that they can pile up and roll themselves


Easy balanced beef salad

Easy Beef Salad with Asian Slaw. Pic: Lost in Food

6 tasty family beef recipes

Use mince and affordable beef cuts to create these simple balanced meals that kids love.

Szechuan Beef – Like your favourite takeaway stir fry, at home, with the vegetables you have to hand

Easy Beef Chow Mein – This quick dish lets you pack in vegetables

Pasta and beef meatballs with puttanesca sauce – This deep and rich dish uses mainly store cupboard ingredients

Easy Beef Salad with Asian Slaw – Marinated steak with a rainbow of crisp vegetables and Asian-inspired dressing

Lean Beef Cheeseburger – Yes, a quick family version of a hamburger that features hidden veg

Mexican Minced Beef Tostada – A colourful kid-friendly meal with savoury beef and fresh vegetables


More great red meat recipes

Delicious easy family-friendly meals made with red meat

Quick Beef Massaman Curry



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