10 things all first-timers need to know about #BML16

Aby Moore

Aby Moore

Newbie Round-up Editor Aby Moore has some great advice for those first time delegates to BritMums Live. Here she shares a reassuring post about what to expect from #BML16…

One week from now we will be heading to London for the annual wonder that it #BML16. As blogging conferences go this one is the Royal Ascot of the blogging world. With brands, speakers, sessions and lots of other bloggers, it’s a wonderful event that remains a firm favourite in the diaries of all who have been. However, with hundreds of bloggers attending, it can sometimes feel a little daunting, especially for first-timers. 

A few nerves are totally understandable, but there really isn’t any need to worry and here’s why;

10 things all first-timers need to know about #BML16

1. Most other people will be feeling just like you

FACT. You will not be alone in feeling nervous with butterflies; most other people there will feel just the same as you. They might look cool, calm and collected but deep down they probably feel as apprehensive as you do.

2. There is a wonderfully supportive atmosphere

Blogging in general is very supportive and I think within the niches that we all fall into, that support is especially apparent. For the last couple of years I have reached out to first-timers and arranged to meet up with them, so they can walk into the conference with some friendly faces around them. So many people would be happy to meet you beforehand and that can make all the difference. I have written a post on what to expect from a blogging conference, which might give you some useful things to think about. 

3. The BritMums Editors will be only too happy to help you

If you are unsure of reaching out to peers, then the BritMums Editors are there to help and offer support  to conference goers who  feels a little wobbly. You can find all of the BritMums Editors here and we don’t bite!

4. You WILL get so much from attending 

Whether you benefit from learning something new in the sessions or just from being  surrounded by your peers, the opportunities for learning and being inspired are endless.

5. You will make new friends and existing friendships will deepen 

Every year I have attended #BML16 I have increased my friendship circle. It is so lovely to meet up with people with whom you have chatted to online. Putting real faces to names and avatars is a wonderful thing. Even your relationships with people that you already consider to be friends will grow and deepen as a result of seeing each other face to face and sharing the experience of the conference.

6. You will probably drink lots of wine. Great for the nerves!

Did anyone tell you there’s wine? No? Well there is and lots of people make the most of it; wonderful for calming the nerves!

7. People are genuinely friendly

They are! So, if you see someone who you recognise from their blog, just go up and say hi. I think it is important to introduce yourself and your blog, as lots of people look so different from their avatars that it can be difficult to place people and there’s nothing worse than starring at someone’s boobs trying to read their name badge! Lot’s of blogging friends gave me their top tips for #BML16 and you can find them all here.

8. You will be inspired

Without a doubt you will be inspired. As mentioned you will learn lots, but the inspiration you feel is a truly fabulous thing. There is something about being surrounded by your peers that breeds inspiration. You may start to think about something in a different way, decide you want to start a new thing on your blog or perhaps find people to collaborate with.

9. You WILL need a big bag

The goody bags at #BML16 are quite full and you will collect other bits and bobs through the day too, so bring a large easy to carry bag or if you are staying over make sure you have room in your case.  If you want to check out what you need to take with you to the conference you can head over and check out my vlog in preparation for the big day.

10. You WILL have lots of fun!

Imagine lots of likeminded friends, wine and being child-free for a whole day (maybe even a night of two!) what’s not to love!

I hope this has helped to settle your nerves and if you see me at #BML16 please come over and say hi! Have a wonderful time.

Catch up with Aby at her website You Baby Me Mummy. To reserve your place at this year’s BritMums Live, grab one of the last few tickets available!


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  1. 19 June 2016 / 00:17

    This is such a reassuring post Aby thanks for all of the wonderful tips!! I’m bringing a small carry on bag & wondering how I’ll get my goodies home now. Might have to rethink the plan lol X