10 reasons why having a niche is important for your blog

fairy blog mother cropTo avoid the risk of blogging abstractly and without a purpose, the best thing you could do is to find yourself a niche.

Niches aren’t just a nice thing to have, they’re imperative if you want to be more than just a ‘blogger’. They give you a direction, a raison d’être, an objective to work towards. 

They define what you write about, and help others to understand your blog better. Without a niche your blog is incomplete. It is just a rambling of written thoughts.

So I’ve created this Infographic that will explain what you need to know about niches, and how they can help you:

Why you need to have a niche for your blog

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1. Does your blog stand out above the others?

If you want your blog to make a difference and attract more readers, having a niche they can latch onto and feel an affinity with can make a big difference. 

However, don’t make your niche too generic. How can you make it a bit more special, quirky or individual? Can you narrow down your niche to make it more attractive to the kind of readers you want?

Avoid hiding amongst the crowd of bloggers within a similar niche. What can you change or promote about your niche that makes it different from any other?

2. Are you passionate about your subject?

A great place to start is to find a subject you are passionate about. What really interests you? Which subject totally takes over your life? What makes you wake up in the small hours with a fantastic new post idea?

A niche will only thrive if it is fuelled by the inspiration and enthusiasm of its owner. Keep your fire stoked at all times, and try not to let it go out. 

3. What are your subject strengths?

Having found your inspiration, you will need to note down your key strengths within it. It is unusual to be enthusiastic about a niche without knowing anything about it. 

What could you gather together that could help fuel that niche? Is it your skills? Have you been interested in this subject since you were a child? How has it influenced your life? 

You could even have a niche that is a work in progress, especially as you are learning as you go along. This kind of niche can inspire others who are having a similar experience. These readers would love to follow you to see how you are doing and whether they are in the same boat.

4. Could you be a thought leader?

People love to follow experts. Especially if they deliver content is this worth while reading and helps them improve their lives. 

Finding the right kind of niche to focus on, especially if you know a lot about it already, can really help you to enhance your knowledge and expand your expertise. You will always need to find new subjects to blog about, and having a niche to narrow it down can prevent you from going off at a tangent.

And once you’ve accrued a reasonable amount of posts, there’s no reason why you can’t write a book about about your chosen niche? At least have a think about it.

5. Who is your ideal reader?

Having a niche will help you write for your ideal reader. And your ideal reader will be more likely to read your blog if it is of interest to them.

However, it is a good idea to do adequate research into who your ideal reader is. What subjects would attract them, what makes them live and breathe, what makes them wake up at night and what would they talk to their friends about?

Remember your blog will thrive much better if you are able to write purely for your readers, rather than for yourself.

6. Would you like a blogging community?

Any niche will grow organically if you are able to cultivate a community. A following of enthusiastic readers who will follow your every word and tell their friends about your posts on social media and elsewhere.

Therefore encourage your readers to leave feedback (comments) and share your posts. Ask them to contribute by suggesting post subjects and engaging in discussions within your comments. You could learn a lot about your niche and how others perceive it in this way.

Continue your ‘friendship’ on social media groups elsewhere. Make your followers feel special, needed and appreciated. Your blog needn’t be the only place your niche is confined to.

7. Do you read other blogs?

Ideally there is no such thing as ‘competition’ within the blogosphere. You may think you have a ‘rival’ within your niche, but if you look closely you’ll see that they are somewhat different from you and what you write about.

It is not worth snubbing other bloggers within your niche, or worrying excessively about them. Learn to embrace these other bloggers and take the time and trouble to read their posts and leave helpful, forthcoming and appreciative comments. Even connect with them on social media.

And why not strike up relationships and joint ventures with others within your generic niche? You never know what may come of this in the future.

8. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Find and read other blogs in your same niche or similar to it. Get ideas and inspiration from them. Learn new stuff and then write about it (using your own slant) on your blog.

You could be inspired yourself by an eminent blogger and become a follower yourself. This way you’ll be able to relate better to your own readership and write better content for them. 

Reading widely, commenting and sharing as you go, will certainly draw the right kind of attention to your blog that may have very positive outcomes.

9. Have you thought about your blog’s SEO?

Having a niche and knowing it inside-out will make a big difference to finding suitable keywords to optimise your blog with. And the search engines will love you for this as well.

A niche-blog with a proper focus is ideal for SEO, as its content should contain ideal fodder that the spiders can match up to relevant search requests. Which in turn places you higher in the indexed pages.

10. Could you write for other blogs?

Being an expert and thought leader within your niche makes you an ideal guest post writer. This is where your research and wide reading comes into the fore.

Find suitable blogs with a high index value and start reading and commenting on them. This is to form a proper relationship and get yourself noticed for the right reasons.

Then write a series of juicy headlines you know you can attach to fantastic content and submit them for approval to the editor. If any are accepted, guest blogging is a superb way of spreading your niche expertise to a wider audience and getting more relevant links back to your blog.

And now it’s  your turn

Let me know your experiences about having a niche on your blog. Has it made a difference to you and how you write? Have you had some marvellous successes with your niche? We would all love to know via the comment box below.

And if you have any more advice than what I have given here about niches, we will all benefit from your knowledge with thanks! Again, comment in the box below.

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      Thank you Cynthia, and I hope this post was useful to you.

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    Great tips – I’d add you need a niche you can monetise if you want to make blogging your career. If FT blogging is your goal a niche is a must but a niche brands/PRs can work with. #mytwocents

    • 27 October 2016 / 10:40

      Quite agree Mads. Definitely you need to find a niche that is profitable and that brands and PR recognise and want to do business with. But if you want to get ahead of the rest of the crowd, you need to adapt your niche accordingly, or you will find yourself swamped, buried and forgotten.

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