10 hacks for saving & earning loyalty points at Esso #SavvySavingTips #ad

Esso appWe all love savvy tips for saving and earning — that’s now easier than ever with Esso and Nectar. When you visit Esso to fill up your tank or pick up everyday essentials you simply swipe your Nectar card at the till when you pay and you’ll earn loyalty points at participating Esso stations. #EssoNectar #EssoGB

Watch those points rack up with your regular Esso visits, along with other retailers, to collect Nectar points and you’ll find your points accumulate quickly. By the end of the year, you can have earnt enough points to redeem and put towards something you really want, like holidays, home furnishings, movie tickets, meals out, special gifts for loved ones and more. (This post is part of a paid campaign with Esso.)

Check out these tips which make savvy saving and earning loyalty points easier than ever.

Take advantage of smart loyalty point hacks

1. Get bonus points for using an app

Paying for fuel using an app makes those stops more convenient than ever. And with the Esso App you can not only pay for your fuel without having to go into the shop and queue… you can also earn 500 Nectar bonus points for your first fill when using the app. Zena of Zena’s Suitcase also loves the little extras she gets with the app. “It’s really easy to find additional offers and accumulate that little bit extra.”

Download the Esso App now: www.esso.co.uk/esso-app

2. Make your everyday purchases count

Did you know that you can rack up Nectar points when you fill up or shop at Esso? You can earn 1 point for every litre of fuel and 2 points for every £1 spent on shop items in participating Esso locations! Find out more here: https://www.esso.co.uk/loyalty-program

3. Save up points

By collecting your points from the Esso Nectar programme throughout the year when buying fuel and everyday essentials, rather than spending them as you go along, you can really benefit. Laura of Dear Bear and Beany saves her points to spend at year end when the family visits. “We love having the points we’ve collected over the year through Nectar, to have a family treat. Its become a real tradition!” she says. By the end of the year you can put your points towards something big that you really want. Visit Nectar’s website to find out all the ways you can redeem your points. “Saving your points for a special event can make it feel like money for nothing!” says Fran of Whinge Whinge Wine.

4. Keep your card number close

Never miss an opportunity to earn Nectar points at participating Esso stations by keeping your Nectar card in the car, get a key fob or link your Nectar card to the Esso App. Colette of We’re Going on an Adventure likes the ease of digital options: “You don’t have to carry the physical card around with you all the time.” 

Earn when filling up

Esso garage sign

5. Make quick refueling count

This is a great loyalty points hack for parents: Avoid possible queues inside the station shop and simply use the Esso App to pay for your fuel from the comfort of your own car. It also means you don’t need to worry about leaving the kids alone in the car too. Just remember to link your Nectar card so you earn points when you fill up  https://www.esso.co.uk/loyalty-program

6. Plan your route for fill-ups

“We travel around the UK a lot. Using nectar.com/Esso allows us to easily locate our closest participating Esso garage and earn Nectar points wherever we are in the UK,” says Samantha of North East Family Fun. You can also use the Esso App to find the closest Esso where you can pay at the pump as well.

Shop smart

7. Do little-and-often shops

Making a quick Esso stop on the way home for tonight’s meal essentials or breakfast tomorrow means you have exactly what you need at home without overspending and you also reduce food waste (plus you earn Nectar points every time you shop). Franca of A Moment with Franca keeps a running tally on her stops. “I shop with a calculator so then I know how much are I am spending so far.”

8. Maximise the points you earn by shopping at the right places

Yes, you can earn on your everyday errands…and with the Esso Nectar loyalty programme, you earn 2 points for every £1 spent on shop items in participating Esso locations and 1 point for every litre of fuel. Laura of Five Little Doves makes sure that whenever she can, she’s earning loyalty points, as does Jenny of Let’s Talk Mommy, who earns points on everything from holidays to train travel to insurance.

Esso Nectar logos9. Time your purchases

Did you know that buying at certain times means earning more loyalty points? “Pre-planning big purchases for bonus days helps you rack up the maximum amount of points,” says Alice of More Than Toast.

Between 5th November 2019 and 26th February 2020, you can now benefit from a Nectar points double up, helping to make your everyday shop even more rewarding! For every qualifying purchase of £5 or more on shop items such as milk or snacks at participating Esso Stations, you will receive double the amount of Nectar points, simply by swiping your Nectar card at the till.

10. Set points goals for yourself

Setting goals helps you collect points for the big rewards. Our parent influencers approach this 2 different ways. Jenny of Accidental Hipster Mum says, “I tend not to look at the points I’m racking up because that tempts me to spend them before I’ve collected enough for the ‘big pay off’.”

Find out more about the Esso Nectar loyalty programme, download the Esso App and start earning points with Esso today!

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  1. 16 November 2019 / 15:10

    What a super useful post with so many saving hacks. Very handy for this time of the year. The Esso Nectar loyalty programme is fantastic. We have gained so many points so far using the Esso App. Now we are ready to use our points! Hurrah! 🙂