Dads Round-Up: An awesomeness of dad bloggers

dadsGot a few little facts for you this morning surrounding collective nouns.

I like magpies, funny little things they are, and so, when you see a few of them together they’re called, among other things for there are lots of collective nouns for magpies, a tittering of magpies. Good eh?

You can also have a pandemonium of parrots. A lamentation of swans. A siege of herons and a stand of flamingoes.

Well that last one makes sense. As flamingoes… well. Stand. On the one leg.

One thing I’ve not been able to find is a collective noun for dad bloggers. So I’ve had to come up with one, and come up with one I have.

Some words that often crop up when reading blogs by dad bloggers make me think ‘a grumpiness of dad bloggers’ would work. Nope. Not all are. How about ‘a mid-life crisis of dad bloggers?’ Nope. I’m not feeling that one either.

But after much research and several sleepless nights I have it. I have the perfect collective noun for dad bloggers.

So, before this weekend, what with it being Father’s Day and all that, I bring you an awesomeness of dad bloggers. Some I’ve not featured before, some which might be new to you and some which you may know.

Please take the time to have a look and a perusal of their blogs, give them a follow and why not say hi on Twitter. You’ll make these Father’s Day.

Wishing you all a great weekend, and thanks for reading.

An Awesomesness of Dad Bloggers

One Man and A Wee Bairn by @Onemanweebairn

Man and Buggy by @ManAndBuggyBlog

Hapless Dad by @Haplessdadblog

Diary Of The Dad by @tombriggs79

The mid-life crisis of Marco Branza by @marcosbranza

Dad Who Blogs by @dadwhoblogs

The Secret Father by @Secret_Father

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One Response to Dads Round-Up: An awesomeness of dad bloggers

  1. The Secret Father 10 June 2013 at 21:39 #

    I am truly honoured to feature on your blog Spencer, and particularly honoured to be part of this awesomeness of Dad Bloggers! Bless your cottons!