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Post40 bloggers round-upThe must-read post I’m recommending from the Post-40 Bloggers’ community this month is from the eloquent and long-time blogger Suzanne, who blogs at ‘Inside, Outside and Beyond.’

Suzanne wrote about parenting a young person with mental health issues. (Parenting a Child with Mental Illness). She touched us with the sensitivity and vulnerability in her post, which is featured on our website under the title “When It’s More Than Just ‘Teenage Hormones,’ But A Mental Health Issue.”

This month featured a week in the UK for mental health awareness (14 – 20 May 2018), alongside the USA’s mental health awareness month, again in the month of May. These satellite moments in time help us focus and raise awareness of mental health. The cause is worthy and needed, but it is not until one of our own holds up their hand and says “I, or someone close to me, suffers” that we may feel empowered to speak to our own struggle with similar issues.

During the UK’s mental awareness week, I came across the Mental Health Foundation, an organisation “Dedicated to finding and addressing the sources of mental health problems:” A featured post on their site was one on stress.

While stress isn’t a mental health problem in itself, it often leads to depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide. It can also lead to physical health problems such as cardiovascular disease and joint and muscle problems.

As a long-time blogger myself, my weapon of choice when I feel my head will explode is words – whether published or filed privately. But some words on certain subjects are harder to articulate publicly than others. It is then we are so grateful for an authentic voice who not only speaks to her truth but helps us confront ours. Suzanne is one such blogger and “When It’s More Than Just ‘Teenage Hormones,’ But A Mental Health Issue” is one such post.

Find Suzanne online:

Website – Inside, Outside and Beyond

Twitter –  @SuzanneWTweets

Facebook – InsideOutsideAndBeyond

Instagram – Suzanne_InsideOut

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  1. 05 June 2018 / 16:36

    I’ve only just seen this; I’m so grateful for the exposure of such an important topic. Thank you to Mel for highlighting this and to Britmums for hosting.