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Who can nominate bloggers for the BiBs?

Anyone! Bloggers, readers, your Auntie. As a blogger you can nominate yourself or other bloggers. You can nominate yourself in one category and other bloggers in other categories. Just make sure the category you choose suits the blog you nominate.

So I can nominate myself?


How do I know if I’ve been nominated already?

Be certain by nominating yourself and putting the badge on your blog to encourage others to nominate you in the same category.

I’ve already been nominated once. Is that enough?

Every additional nomination for your blog in that category helps raise it on the list and demonstrates its popularity.

Do I need to carry a Nominate Me badge on my blog to be eligible?

It’s not required, but popping the Nominate Me badge on your blog in a post and in your sidebar is the ideal way to let people know you’d like to be recognized for your hard blogging work. Make it easy for your readers to know which category you’re being considered for and to cast their vote.

Do you nominate individual posts or the entire blog?

Each awards celebrates a blog’s overall success within its category. But what initially grabs all of us as readers are individual posts. We ask you to supply a specific URL so the judges can see the post that inspired you to nominate in that category. At the same time, they’ll look at context – other posts, continuity on the blog, voice, and look and feel.

How do I ask people to nominate or vote for me without looking like I’m begging them?

Your readers like what you do – and want to support it. The easiest way to ask for nominations is to write a short post letting them know nominations for the BiBs are open, that you’d like to be considered for category X and it would be great if they felt so moved to nominate you. Ask in your own voice – jokey, earnest, bitchy (“Nominate me or else!” – hey, we wouldn’t be above it).

Pop the category Nominate Me badge for the appropriate category into your third column as a way to remind visitors that you want to be in the running. 

I want to nominate in the Fresh Voices category. Is there a time frame for being defined as a “newbie”?

The Fresh Voice category is open to new bloggers plus anyone else who has reinvented their blog or relaunched with a fresh take. To be eligible, the launch or update needs to have occurred in the past 18 months (give or take a few months).

How are you stopping people from voting more than once?

Ideally everyone would adhere to the spirit of fairness in which we launched the awards. What we’re doing to mitigate “ballot stuffing” or multiple votes by the same people: in addition to using built-in settings in the survey software that help prevent people from voting multiple times (but are by no means airtight), we have a tool that we use once the voting closes that analyses responses and details such as IP addresses, vote timings and other factors to weed out those trying to game the system.

Dates and timings

What are the award deadlines?

  • Nominations are open from 10 May until 7 June 2017
  • Finalists are announced Monday 19 June 2017
  • Voting on the award Finalists runs from Monday 19th June through Sunday 2nd July at 23.59
  • Winners announced at BritMums Live! on Saturday 30 September 2017

The Rules

Do you have to be a member of BritMums to be nominated or win?

Any blogger based in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, or from there is eligible. If you’re not already a member, we hope you’ll join BritMums – the UK’s largest parent blogging community – where you can sharpen your blogging skills, find a supportive community and share your content.

Do you have to attend BritMums Live! to win?

You don’t have to be present at the biggest parent blogging event of the year to win. But you’ll want to be! On the evening of Saturday 30 September 2017, there will be a drinks reception followed by an awards ceremony with “the envelope please” moment and winner’s plaques. With so many other reasons to attend – great speakers, compelling sessions, 300 of your closest blogging friends – why miss out? 

How do you know if you are nominated?

If you’re unsure about whether you’re nomimated, we advise the belt and braces approach: nominate yourself and post the badge on your blog to be sure.

The T&Cs say employees of BritMums aren’t eligible. I’ve guest-posted on the blog. Does that mean I can’t enter?

Not at all! Our Terms & Conditions are pretty standard and this bit just means that folks who work full-time for BritMums can’t be considered. Even if you’ve written frequently for the blog, done one-time paid work or done brand projects with BritMums, you’re still eligible!

The T&Cs say you can exclude any entry you want. What does that mean?

Our T&Cs are standard for this type of awards scheme. It’s not about including or excluding legitimate blogs according to the personal preferences of BritMums. This bit is in here in the event we need to be able to exclude any inappropriate sites that might try to hijack the process.

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