Are Canary Islands and Spain on quarantine list?

The Canary Islands are delightful, natural and beautiful islands to visit as a family — with your children, with friends or in multigenerational travel. But the big question with the COVID-19 pandemic, the evolving travel restrictions and rules, the question for many of these island lovers isn’t ‘Do I want to go?’ but rather ‘Can I go?’ and ‘Are the Canary Islands on the quarantine list?’ It’s nerve wracking to say the least!

UK government rules about the Canary Islands

The Foreign Office says: The FCDO advises against all but essential travel to: Spain, including the Balearic Islands but excluding the Canary Islands, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.

It’s slightly awkwardly worded but the good news is that as of this writing and barring any UK lockdown or Tier travel restrictions, we CAN visit any of the Canary Islands — Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa!

The status of travel rules for the Canary Islands

If you are returning to the UK from the Canary Islands on or after 4am on 12 December, you will need to self-isolate on your return.  You must still self-isolate if returning to the UK from any other part of Spain. Some exemptions apply. Check the latest guidance for EnglandNorthern IrelandScotland and Wales.

The rules for Brits going to Spain

On arrival in Spain, travellers from the UK don’t have to self-isolate. However, from November 23, if you are travelling to Spanish airports from high-risk countries (including the UK), you must:

  1. Have a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours prior to arrival. The FCDO is advising those who must take a test in order to travel to do so privately, not on the NHS.

2. Fill out and an online Health Control Form 48 hours prior to travel, which has your contact information, history of COVID-19 exposure

3. A temperature check

4. A visual health assessment

Other things to consider for Spain travel:

In addition to regulations, there are of course other things to consider, such as how the potential changes may impact family life.

  • Covid tests can be uncomfortable or even distressing for children, so that’s an important issue to keep in mind, as reduced quarantine times are reliant on having tests done.
  • How close to your child’s school starting are you returning? If regulations change and you need to isolate upon return, will that impact your child? Will you be able to quarantine and still work and look after children (an issue for single parents!).
  • We’ve noticed that most travel corridor changes are announced on a Wednesday to be enforced from 12 am the following Saturday. To avoid the mad scramble to get a flight back, you may want to book within these times.

Latest Foreign Office information on travel to Spain and the Canary Islands

Check here for the latest Foreign Office travel information about the Canary Islands and Spain

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