About us

BritMums is the UK’s largest collective of lifestyle bloggers and digital influencers, fueling the country’s most influential social content. We lead the online conversation with members who are parent social influencers creating content on topics ranging from food, parenting, travel, politics, style and more.

The BritMums collective is comprised of:

  • A powerful social network backed by more than 8,000 social influencers, representing 15,000+ blogs, who create fresh, engaging content and together command over 80 million monthly page views;
  • A strong social networking presence, with Klout scores in the 70s, 120k+ followers on G+ and 260 million Twitter impressions annually;
  • One of the UK’s top-ranked blogs and an online “magazine”, which is a showcase of our network’s awesome content;
  • BritMums Live, the country’s biggest real-world annual blogger and social media conference;
  • The Brilliance in Blogging (BiBs) Awards annual social media awards programme, involving thousands of bloggers and votes;
  • The BritMums Pro database of ultra-engaged super-influencers;
  • BritMumsTV: video content featuring original content.

What we do for bloggers: We provide support and advice, champion innovative, high-quality and ethical blogging; connect bloggers to others in the community; amplify members’ voices and curate their content; and develop for members monetization projects centred on authentic and compelling content.

What we do for brands: We connect brands with bloggers with innovative activation programmes that harness blogs, video, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and more. Our bloggers have authentic trusted voices, and create fresh influential content that literally reaches millions through their extended networks. From Twitter Parties to Linky Challenges to creating an “A Team” for your brand, we can help you connect with country’s most dynamic, connected, and influential parent lifestyle bloggers and content creators. Find out more.

The BritMums difference: BritMums stands out for its pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication to respectful professional discourse and top-quality blogging. Through our editorial content, our social media, network forums and groups, real-world meet-ups and conferences, awards and brand projects, we aim to benefit as well as be a part of the community. Whether you want to improve your use of social platforms, blog better or monetize your content, BritMums is your collective.

Join our collective today! Get started by joining our collective today and experiencing for yourself what it means to be part of one of the most influential groups online in the UK!

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