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With other social media platforms feeling a lot harder for bloggers I decided earlier this year to switch my focus onto one social media platform. For me Instagram is a place to fall in love. Facebook is my magazine, I scroll through but more often than not I look out family and friends. Twitter is so busy and although I loved it 9 years ago when I started blogging I find it much easier to switch of that platform and all the ‘noise’. I want to fall in love and with a love of the visual Instagram is truly my platform. Now there is IGTV I have more to watch then Netflix!

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I asked my blogging peers for some Instagram feedback, how they feel about the platform and I’ve gleaned some amazing tips from newbie bloggers to those who are established. Each have their own take on why Instagram works and what draws them into communicating with others!

Here’s what they had to say:


Leanne from A Slice of My Life Wales: ‘A good caption. I find it so hard to write a worthwhile comment on a photo with no caption.’

Sinead and many others agreed with Leanne ‘ I look for photos that grab me with a caption that makes me think. I’m bored or seeing the same thing so when something stops me scrolling I will always take time out to engage.’


Kirsty from Life With Boys: ‘Really nice clothes? Maybe a little materialistic, but if I see a really well dressed tot I’m always the first to ask where something is from or comment on how much I love it!’. 

I have to agree that mama clothes and children’s clothes draw me in! I am forever lusting over something – especially when Mutha.Hood shares her choices in insta stories!

Add Some Colour:

Going into the summer bright feeds are must. It always makes me perk up when I see a really vibrant feed and you all agreed to! Terri Brown told me that she loved relatable content of children at play but that ‘My second thing is bright colours that stand out so usually flowers grab my attention.

Victoria Sully agreed Bright coloured happy posts of kids playing or healthy food is what grabs my attention!’.


This summer though it’s all about the escape! Over half the people from the blogging community who responded to me said they want a peak into escapism – Kate from Lesbemums wants to follow your holidays and Sima says her sense of wanderlust will make her engage with you! 


I’ve been following Nickie from Typecast for over 8 years now and her advice is always fab. She says do

‘Something that’s not the SAME as everything else. I want a picture that makes me STOP and look and a caption that makes me THINK and is also relevant to the picture.

I generally don’t look at people’s grids so themes and clever stuff doesn’t appeal to me. I also spend far too much time watching IG stories so someone who appeals to my interests and humour always gets a good view from me in that respect too.’

Tell Your Story:

With IG TV hitting our screens now honest and true storytelling is at the forefront of Instagram. I lose hours watching others and so does Mary Middleton –  ‘I’m a big fan of Instagram storytellers, those who essentially micro blog. I love a pretty aesthetically pleasing picture but tell me a story too please. Some of these people have some of the most interesting IGStories too.’

So it seems that relatable and well captioned content, colour and a sense of wanderlust are really prevalent moving into summer. What do you think?

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