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It may not seem that April is a spring month weather wise but I think it is getting there this year! Finance wise with the start of the new tax year it is a great opportunity to spruce up your money situation. April is a month when so many things go up in cost and our bloggers have been making a list of what to look out for. On the flip side we have some top tips on saving a few pennies.

From prescriptions to mobile phone contracts there’s been a lot of price increases this month. April is the month that many companies add on the rising inflation (plus more!) to their prices. Remember if you like to sell a few bits on eBay the cost of postage has gone up as well. Check out Skint Dad’s list on April’s price hikes.

With all those extra costs this month we need to save some money now. There’s lots of way you can save money in your everyday life and Nicola at The Frugal Cottage gives us 20 ways to cut those costs today. For a spring clean of your finances let Angela of Adventures in Websterland guide you through her thrifty checklist.

All the annual price hikes is bad enough but what about if you are expecting your first baby and you are on a reduced income? Fiona at Savvy in Somerset is getting closer and closer to due date and so has been looking at what money she is likely to have in the coming months, what she has to buy and how she can get some savings.

If you are constantly scrimping and saving it can turn daily life into a bit of chore. By being savvy around your own home you can save for something nice. Victoria at Lylia Rose has been looking around her house to see what savings she can make to go towards a holiday.

You may be working hard to be frugal and save money but are your savings working hard for you? Interest rates have been very low for a long time now while inflation is much higher. Faith from Much More With Less has been looking at different ways to invest and make the most of your savings.

With so many rising costs it’s easy to bung everything onto a credit card and try to forget about it. Once you start paying it off the interest can be so high that you struggle to cut the actual debt. The answer could be a 0% interest credit card but as Sara from Debt Camel explains on The Money Whisperer it may not be such a good idea.

How you finance high value items is always a tricky decision. We can try and muddle through until we have saved up enough to purchase outright but some things like cars need purchasing before you can save up the full amount. Lynn, otherwise known as Mrs Mummypenny, has found recently that their well used family car is no longer up to the job. Needing to swap one car for two she decided on a PCP car finance agreement and explains how she did it. 

If you’ve gone into a shop or ordered something online you want it to live up your expectations. Often though goods can be faulty or you just don’t like it. Can you get your money back? Should we get a free repair or replacement? Our consumer champion Helen of The Complaining Cow goes through 7 consumer rights misconceptions to see what we really are entitled to.

In recent years Generation Rent has become more and more of an issue. Are some people always destined to rent? Will you ever be able to afford to buy your own home? You may think that if you can afford to rent you can pay a mortgage at the same rate. Sara at Debt Camel explains why the cost of renting and paying a mortgage on a property isn’t the same.

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