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“Charity” is such a wide subject. When we hear the word ‘charity’ what’s the first thing that come into our mind. Poverty? Hunger? Faith? Hope? Voluntary individuals or organisations helping others with kindness and tolerance in judging others? It is pretty much all of it. In this article I want to touch base on how individuals can work with organisations to help themselves in less fortunate situations and vice versa how organisations has helped individuals. It’s a bit like – The Butterfly Effect.


The Secret Pillow Project

First up, Eva from Captain Bob Cat introduce us to the The Secret Pillow Project – a cushion that unfolds into a blanket. Handmade and unique craft item made by women in India. Started in 2014, its aim is to help empower women in India where they face serious social and economic challenges everyday. They receive training, support, and materials to produce Secret Pillows, and earning a living from selling these beautiful crafty pillows. The project works together with charities and NGOs in effect to reduce the number of children living in institutions which was foreseen to be living without parents, but it is actually the opposite – they have parents, but their parents cannot afford to feed, clothe and educate them. The ultimate goal of this project is for the women to become financially independent, to be able to fed their family and therefore integrating and contributing back into their social economic environment.


The Real Junk Food Project

Jan, Falcondale Life, talks about how network of cafés around the UK, (and France and Australia), coordinated by a charity called The Real Junk Food Project are helping the community by using donated food which otherwise would go to landfill. It is run by volunteers serving some truly delicious cuisine. It is open to the whole community. It’s an environmentally friendly ‘pay-as you-feel’ café. As a consumer you could encourage your local businesses to donate food that has a short shelf life. Jan also share her recipes which they have been a popular dish on their menu, such as her leftovers American Style Cornbread and Five Ways with Leftover Christmas Mincemeat. Why not join their No Waste Within Campaign and do the same pledge as Jan – to cut down on the amount of, and ultimately eliminate, food waste created by the development, cooking, styling and photographing of recipes.



I must say I am completely blown away with Camilla’s, Fab Food 4 Allresearch with “12 WAYS TO REDUCE YOUR PLASTIC FOOTPRINT”. There are so many things I did not know about, such as black packaging, Bee’s Wrap, plastic straws and even tea bags! It is such an eye opener. It’s been predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish! Footage from Blue Planet II, Sky’s Ocean Rescue and Greenpeace, among others have highlighted the devastating impact on our planet. Plastic is killing our marine life and birds and as it enters the food chain and our tap water we have yet to see what effect it will have on our health! This needs to stop. Now. We need to do something about it today, not in 25 years which is the deadline the government announced recently. You think you know how to reduce plastic waste – think again.


Pantosauraus Campaign

Now let ‘talk PANTS’. Sarah, Boo Roo and Tigger Too, highlight the important of us parents talking to our kids about sexual abuse. Pantosauraus Campaign was launched by the NSPCC showing us a fun way of how to keep your child safe from sexual abuse, with a catchy song and activity pack and now has its own game which is free to download from the iOS and Android app store. From P through to S, each letter stands for an important rule for kids to remember –

  • Privates are private,
  • Always remember your body belongs to you,
  • No means no,
  • Talk about secrets that upset you and
  • Speak up – someone can help.


Smile For ME

Last but not least, a post which had me all teary is from Sam, Stressed Mum. She told us about a charity called Smile For ME and how a little difference has brought her and her daughter a little sunshine in their lives. Sam told us about her daughter’s illness, who has been diagnosed with ME/ CFS this year. It has been hard for her daughter to cope at school. She has been doing a 3 hourly lesson a week, but extending that proved all a bit too much, plus she is showing signs of other symptoms as well. Then one day, a little box arrived from Smile For ME. They opened it and to their surprised it was full of lovely gifts that was tailored to her little girl. They were both so happy by this gift. What a wonderful way to bring a little sunshine and a smile to their lives What a wonderful charity! So very thoughtful of each individual cases. My heart goes out to her and her daughter, and I hope she’ll feel better soon.


Thank you for joining us again. I love reading your charity posts and always wanting to know how you’d change and inspire others to change the world for the better.

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    Thank you so much for including my chosen charity.

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    Thank you so much for including my post on Smile For ME, they are such a great charity that brings a smile to a sufferer x