Positively Inspirational Round-up: Joyful linky’s & inspirational reads

Inspirational round-up

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How was Christmas friends? Did you have a wonderful time? I sure hope so and continuing in that positive place here are some great reads to inspire you to live positive in 2018.

Sharing your Joy and Positivity in 2018

I’ll start you off with a post from Kate on Thin Ice about the highs and lows of 2017 and an also announcement for a brand new initiative for 2018 that sounds excellent. Kate is well known in the parent blogging community for her support of other women and in 2018 she is starting the Best Boot Forward campaign with Chloe from Indigo Wilderness to help themselves and other women take the baby steps towards the lives they want.  

Each Monday the Share the Joy linky goes live. It is hosted across a few blogs and has a fab positive vibe to it. It’s great as it gets a real variety of people, from all across the world joining in. @thefamilypatch, @lizzie_roles, @AllSortsHere and @ladybughome1 are the alternating hosts.

Also, weekly on a Monday is the Motivation Monday Linky, again run as a collective effort. This time by @schoolrunshop, @TheAsplands, @AutismMumma and @Stephstwogirls.

Helen from Kiddycharts was so impacted by a stranger being kind to her a couple of months ago that she started a whole blog linky to celebrate #52kindweeks. In a recent post she has shared a lovely printable to make a fortune teller that you can use with your children to encourage them to be kind. It’s a super conversation starter.

Over the last nine years since I’ve blogged there have been so many gratitude linkys and seriously I am grateful for every one of them. Anything that gets people focusing on the good in their life rather than the bad is a great thing. I was happy to find Claire’s blog Pain Pals where she joins in with the Blessed Project and shares all she is grateful for, including her wheelchair, family and furry friends.

Just to throw it out there too, why not join in with Reasons to be Cheerful. This is a linky I started back in 2011, so it’s been standing the tests of time. It’s hosted every other month by myself and then Becky at Lakes Single Mum. It’s a pretty small linky nowadays and you know what? I love that, as it means we have a really connected community and can get to know everyone who joins in. It’s back with me on Mummy from the Heart for January if you fancy joining in.

Truly Inspirational Reads

Laura from Five Little Doves shares such a beautiful letter to her son Joseph on her 12th Christmas without him. I don’t think any of us who haven’t lost a child can ever understand the heartbreak that comes with such tragedy but it was good to read in Laura’s post that she has learned to find joy again and seeks to ensure that every day is filled with wonderful memories for her other four children.

The next post from Nadia at Scandi Mummy is such a good read. She quite rightly points out that us Mums can be really guilty of saying sorry too much. It’s about time we started a revolution and changed, instead being proud of who we are, our choices and our achievements.

OK, hands up, I admit it, this isn’t a link to a blog post. It is in fact a link to a TEDx talk by Hayley Goleniowska, who is the most magnificent woman and blogger at Downs Side Up.  Hayley’s little girl Natty was born 11 years ago with Down syndrome and she has been changing perceptions and smashing life ever since!

I’ll leave you with a great post from Jane at How I Like My Coffee, her post about being a potato and proud really spoke to me. We are all getting older and I suspect for most every one of us our body shape has changed but we really do need to be able to embrace those changes and be happy in our own skin. This is certainly a challenge I need to ace head on in 2018.

Why not join in with one of those linky’s I mentioned and I wish you a very, very happy new Year. I hope 2018 will be a great year for you, one where you start to achieve all your dreams.

Be blessed, Mich x

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