Poetry & Prose Round-up: As Christmas draws closer

Dear Santa…

It’s time to dig out those glitter pens once again. Christmas is twinkling just around the corner, so this month I’m bringing you a Christmas round-up with all the trimmings!

Early December is my very favourite time of year.  Probably more than the big day itself!  I love the anticipation, the excitement, and the sheer wonder in our little ones’ eyes as they count down the days.  This will be the first year that our biggest little has been able to write her own letter to Father Christmas and the thought of it makes my heart jingle. Our littlest one can’t write yet, but if he could I suspect that this post by This Mum’s Life would about sum it up!

My own plea to the big man would probably go a little bit more like the brilliant ‘A Mum’s Christmas Carol’ – Live Love and Dirty Dishes.

Christmas Past.

Part of the magic of Christmas for me is the beautiful nostalgia. The traditions and memories of Christmases gone by. There is no doubt that the festive season changed massively for us when we became parents. No more ‘Drifting down the stairs from my 10 hours of peaceful rest. All my presents piled under the tree in a neat stack, no mess.’  (An Ode To Christmas Past – Mum’s Army.)  Not that we would change it for the world of course.

It’s impossible not to look back and reflect. To spare a thought for those precious people in our lives that should be with us, but cannot be for whatever reason. The heartache cuts that bit deeper for lost loved ones, that we long to share these special days with. ‘Every day is tough without you, every Monday, every Wednesday, every weekend that passes, and yet Christmas will always be particularly hard.’ So beautifully written by Laura at Five Little Doves in her letter: ‘For Joseph on our 12th Christmas Without You.’

Whatever Christmas means to each of us, it never fails to bring a sense of wonder. From its very origins, which Lucy At Home has captured perfectly for toddlers, in her family friendly re-telling of the Nativity story. Christmas will always bring comfort, magic and hope – As written by our co-host Victoria’s poem ‘Christmas Still…’

Christmas Present.

Literally.  The pressure is now on to find the perfect presents. Even Santa himself has found himself on a festive trip to the shops to source some of those harder to come by items. (Hilarious and useful post by Life is Knutts.) It isn’t just gifts either now. It’s the whole shebang. Reindeer Pyjamas, Snowman jumper for the obligatory festive day at the office, the list goes on. Even popping into a chocolate shop for an advent calendar can become an epic quest. (Oops!)

We’re now embracing the first Christmas at Big School in our family, and learning to create a myriad of costumes at extremely short notice. Kitting the little ones out for the pinnacle of the school calendar:  the Christmas concert,  is no mean feat! I loved this piece by Jo’s Writing Space: ‘Gold’.

The festivities will snowball as we find ourselves ‘Battling to win a Tesco delivery slot, attend the carol concerts, plays and recitals, with a highly flammable hot flush inducing Primark Christmas Jumper which has become our reluctant December uniform.’ (Brilliant post by Muma On The Edge – Muma: The Unsung Christmas Hero.)

Before we can blink we’ll be tucking our excitedly vibrating little ones into bed and reciting “The Night Before Christmas.” Or perhaps for the grown ups if I may recommend: ‘Twas the (Real) Night Before Christmas’ – R Is For Hoppit. We’ll collapse exhausted into bed, desperately hoping not to be woken at 4am. (Thanks for the East 17 Ear-worm Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham!)

Christmas day will come. No matter how organised (or not) we may be. Regardless of whether we managed to get the last box of salted caramel mince pies from the supermarket shelf. (Yes – we’re doing mince pies with salted caramel now. Who am I to argue with evolution?) For all of our planning and work and festive imperfections, (Amazing post written by Motherhood The Real Deal.) it will be Christmas, and we’ll know It’s Christmas When… (Picking up Toys)

Christmas Future

As quickly as it arrives, so too will it pass. Leaving us with full hearts (and bellies). I for one have always looked back and been thankful for Christmas (myrealfairy.com), and I hope that this year will be no exception for all of us. Here’s to the new year and whatever it may bring. The fresh starts, new promises and of course, the resolutions – Tales From Mamaville.

For now, from me, may all your days be Merry. (A Perfect poem to finish on from Mum Turned Mom.)

If have written an original piece of poetry or prose, please contact either myself or our co-editor Victoria . You could be featured in our next round-up! Please tweet us @rhymingwithwine @VicWelton using #britmumspoetry. Wishing you all a very merry festive season and we’ll see you next year!

Dawn x

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