35 ways to prepare for Christmas #reindeerready #ad

How do you prep for the festive period? That was the topic of discussion at our #ReindeerReady Twitter chat, held just days before Christmas.

The chat was sponsored by McDonald’s. As the magic moment gets close, McDonald’s is helping families make the moment even more special with Reindeer Ready Live: an amazing online tool in which everyone can upload their own photo and see the reindeer eat Reindeer Treats in their own very special, personalised film. Also, check out the festive #ReindeerReady Snapchat Hub, where you can get the special Festive Filter, the Reindeer Lens and play the Carrot Run game. You can snap the special code on tray liners or on one of their Christmas burger boxes in restaurants or online at http://bit.ly/2iXAOdd to go the Reindeer Ready Snapchat Hub (for age 16+).

How do you get #ReindeerReady in your house?

So excited for this chat! I prep by wrapping all the pressies while watching Christmassy films, visiting Santa with my LO and going to a Christmas carol service on Christmas Eve! 🎄🎅🎄❤️ @Autumns_Mummy



Some are a little more organised than others, it seems!

So. much. wrapping. to. do……….. @Chelseamamma

I make sure the house is all clean and tidy ready for visitors @Missielizzieb

I buy the pressies throughout the year but everything else gets done the week before. I’ve literally just come back from Tesco with enough food to feed a country 🤣 @angep1969

We always put our tree up 1st December (I would do it earlier if hubby let me!) Our twins had their nativity last week (so cute) and we have been making salt dough reindeer (although they’re not quite finished yet) @tazarazamuffin

We’ve just had our chimneys swept so Santa can get down ok! @Missielizzieb

I use online cards for friends and family abroad and diary date them so I don’t forget. @lovepenguins126

Where do you keep all the presents?

I hide under bed and in wardrobe as don’t have a loft, well, not one I can get too @thesoupdragon44

No loft that we have access either. I’ve put them in cardboard boxes and stacked up in my bedroom as the cupboard and bed are already full! @GlamandGeeky

We have an ottoman bed, which I totally forgot about until this year when someone else told me that’s where they hide their presents @VickyDoo

I have the secret ones shoved in suitcases in my bedroom, boot of car, airing cupboard and family ones are under the tree! @KEEccles

Last year my friend had to hide 3 bikes, not sure how she did it! @KEEccles

I keep a few wrapped presents by the door for last minute presents for if people pop in @Twirlyswirl79

On Christmas Eve traditions


Our Christmas Eve traditions include a trip to the park, a special gift on the pillow & pie for tea! @KatCandyFloss 


Love seeing what everyone else gets up to on Christmas Eve. We normally do a family activity in the morning, then it’s lunch out together. Home in the afternoon for Christmas PJ’s movie, hot chocolate, popcorn and then story and bed @Rennie1811


On getting the kids to sleep

My favourite line on Christmas Eve night “the quicker you go to sleep the quicker the morning will come @mummabear99

If Santa comes and you are still awake, he might not have time to come back again, so you best make sure you are asleep when he comes 🙂 @Rennie1811

On treats for the Reindeer


This is going to be our first year of leaving out treats for Santa and the reindeer. My boy is 3 next month, so is just starting to understand a little bit. He still doesn’t fully get it, but I want to start anyway! @VickyDoo

Always leave a carrot out. Always gone in the morning! @Baabaa90

When I was little, my Dad used to cut chunks out of the carrot I’d left with an apple corer to make it look like Rudolph had had a bite! I’m going to do that with carrots when LO is older. I always thought it was so magical! @Autumns_Mummy

We have a carrot and bucket of water by the front door. Then mince pie and milk for Santa as we don’t want him overdoing it!  @thesoupdragon44

We have reindeer food, a bowl of water outside for the reindeer and a gingerbread cookie and glass of milk inside for Santa @Chelseamamma

Without doubt. A carrot. Though perhaps a bag of carrots would be better, they surely cannot share just one small carrot? @Maximka25

They like lichen apparently, but I have it on good authority that a carrot is a yummy treat too @Chelseamamma

What does Santa really like?

He loves gingerbread cookies, although Mrs Claus has warned against them as he is getting “sideways tall” @Chelseamamma

I’ve heard he really REALLY likes frozen margaritas 😂 @GlamandGeeky

Frozen Margarita

Definitely a carrot 🥕, a mince pie and a shot of whiskey 🥃 @FoxVillageFox

I’m thinking a whole array cocktails! @VickyDoo

On things to avoid

We did the fake snow one year! Never again. It’s dreadful hoovering it up on Christmas morning @thesoupdragon44

Don’t let them eat too much chocolate on Christmas Eve – they will never get to sleep! @Chelseamamma

So, there you have it. Lots of hints and tips for preparing, and surviving the festive period. Don’t forget to check out the McDonalds Reindeer Ready Snapchat Hub for some festive fun that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year from all the team at BritMums!

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