Positively Inspirational Round-up: The festive season

Inspirational round-up

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Hi and welcome to the last Positively Inspirational Round-Up of 2017.  Can you believe how this year has flown? As always there have been exhilarating highs, crushing lows and lots of mundane and ordinary moments in life and in blogging.  

On a personal level so much has changed for my own blog.  Starting the year I had a local travel blog encompassing the best of Somerset.  Through a lot of soul searching (tears) and a-ha moments, I’ve realised that yes, I love where I live, but that doesn’t mean I want to write about solely that all the time.  I have so many passions that to niche down felt too restrictive and I lost my way a little.

Have you had any a-ha moments that have taken you and your blog in a totally unexpected direction? I’d love to hear about your journey too. My Christmas gift to myself is a new start, a re-set and a re-igniting of my love of writing.


I loved this post written by Cheryl Barry for the Selfish Mother blog.  What Mums really want this Christmas really made me smile and nod along! My kids will wake up no later than 6.30am on a normal day so goodness knows what time they’ll be up on Christmas morning! 


Amanda at The Family Patch will be posting a video on YouTube every day over the Advent period so do watch along with that!


We all love some craft inspiration and I love these tapestry stockings over on Jennifer’s Little World, they just say HYGGE to me.  I recommend getting lost in Jennifer’s blog. Her passion for making is so inspiring, I’m not massively crafty but this makes me want to start doing it more!


This post by Lucy of Kids of the Wild about what remission really means from a parents perspective had me totally choked up. I had to include it in this Round-Up.  I think it’s so important to remember others at this time of year and how they might be feeling.

I want to thank Lucy for helping me understand a little bit more about what life is like for them in this situation.  Much love to you Lucy and your little girl who praise God is in remission.  We celebrate and stand with you, whatever life brings.

May I take this opportunity to say it’s been an absolute privilege to serve next to Michelle as a Positively Inspirational Round-Up Editor and I hope to showcase even more of your amazing posts in 2018.

My wish for you all as you gaze upon your sparkly Christmas tree and take in the happy faces around you, is that you will know love, happiness and peace in abundance.

Thanks for reading! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

Lizzie xo

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About Lizzie Roles

Lizzie is a mum of 2 spirited children, Harry 6 and Bea 3.

Lizzie started her family lifestyle blog 3 years ago after suffering PND with both babies. Her heart was to share her journey to joy, and of putting actions in place to get her to a more positive mindset.

As a recovering negative thinker Lizzie Somerset regularly advocated mindfulness, saying no to perfectionism and dropping mummy guilt like a stone.

She loves nothing more than shouting about her home county of Somerset from the rooftops which is the foundation for her blog.

On free weekends she can be found by the sea in their family’s holiday home in Cornwall. She is happiest by the sea with her family and believes much can be solved over a cuppa and digestive biscuit.

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  1. 07 December 2017 / 22:18

    So pleased you’ve had your a-ha moment and are now much more at peace with your blog. I think we all go through seasons where we are not quite sure if it is all going in the right direction. Happy Christmas Lizzie. Mich x