Working Mums Round-up: A look back at 2017

Let’s have a look back at 2017 shall we? When I look back at 2017 I think it will forever be the year that I returned to work after my last maternity leave and it’s been a right old rollercoaster for me personally. Looking back at 2017 will also be the year I remember hearing a turning point in the social conversation of women in work. The word flexibility has been used and profiled so highly across the media this year, which can only be a really great thing.

But what does it really mean to work flexibly? I’ve often talked about this myself on my own blog but recently having worked from home quite a bit, I have found that it isn’t all snuggling on the sofa with a massive cup of tea. Reading this post from Devon Mama – ‘Working from home: Is it really the dream?‘ made me realise just how many women working “flexibly” must feel like this. Working from home does not equal a better work / life balance in all respects even if it always feel like everyone else’s grass is a bit greener. It is fantastic to hear the conversation being driven forwards however and long may it continue.

But what if like so many of us you are wondering how on earth you are going to juggle family, work and the ever present pile of laundry whilst working from home? Then this post from Confessions of a crummy mummy is for you. In it, Natalie gives us practical, no-nonsense ten tips to help anyone working from home as a freelance journalist with three kids. A really useful post for anyone feeling the overwhelm.

That said, what will you remember about your work when you look back at 2017?

My guess is that if you are a working mum like me, then you might think about the highs and lows but mostly you will just be collapsing onto the sofa with an overarching feeling of exhaustion. Because it has to be said that being a working parent is exhausting whichever way you crumble your cookie and sometimes we just need to hold our hands up and admit that slaying it in the office / being the ultimate mumpreneur / boss lady or just making ends meet is tough work after pro-creation. I think this was one of the reasons that I loved this post from Mummy to Dex. She writes about the sacrifices she has made since returning from maternity leave and sometimes reading the realities of being a working parent from someone else’s vantage point, can just make you feel so much better about it all don’t you think? I was nodding along like, “yep we are all in this together mama” and that kind of solidarity can really pull you through the more challenging days.

But of course, it’s not all doom and gloom and  this post from Emma at IslandLiving365, who has found herself thrown into the deep end of full time working from home, really made me smile – she sums up the realities of a working day perfectly and throws a much-needed light hearted spin on the whole subject. Definitely one to check out when you need a giggle and a fresh perspective. 

So how about twenty eighteen then? What’s it going to bring for you work wise?

I myself am leaving part time employment and heading back into the office full time in 2018 so I will be starting a whole load of fresh new challenges, most of which I am sure I will be blogging about so don’t forget to head over to my blog and say hello. 

Whatever your year brings, remember that the bad days will pass, always be kind to yourself and enjoy the little triumphs, hot coffee and uninterrupted visits to the bathroom that come along with being a working mother.

TTFN ladies


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