Health & Fitness Round-up: Favourite foods get a healthy makeover

health & fitness round-up

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When the months get colder, wetter, darker and generally miserable (is there any point to you, November?!) then it’s easy to fall in to comforting habits. Who wants to go for a run when it’s blowing a gale? Salad is just NOT a winter dish. Where’s the pasta?

With that in mind, my first round-up as the new BritMums health and fitness editor is a diet related one. Unless you are a natural bunny, then it’s pretty likely that your favourite foods are the unhealthiest ones – I know mine are! As part of an all round attempt to improve my health and fitness, making changes to the way I eat is a good low-effort start. A small confession: I am not fit, or particularly good at eating well all the time. But I am a girl on a mission to vastly improve both, and I’ll be dragging you along with me. Health and fitness here we come!

One of the most important things I’ve learnt so far about keeping healthy, especially with regard to diet, is that you can make a huge difference simply by cooking from scratch. As we know, so much food that you buy ready made tastes good because it’s absolutely stuffed with sugar and salt and various other bits of yuck. So, it’s really worth trying to make a little extra time in your day to cook rather than heat up. If I am pressed for time, when I do manage to cook I try and make extra to freeze or for lunches – it’s starting to make a difference. Here’s one of my favourite from scratch dinners, and one that my little person also thoroughly approves of – Sneaky Veg Sauce. No added salt or sugar to be found!


Food Makeovers To Try At Home

For those of you who are familiar with Slimming World, this is a vegetarian and syn free ‘chicken’ bake. It’s got cheese in it and everything! Props to Mummy In a Tutu, it’s her Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Veggie Chicken

For the Meze fans, these low fat Turkey Kofta’s come in at a measly 230 calories per portions and they look completely delicious. Hurrah for Mimi Rose and Me!

Fish and chips is a firm favourite in our house, and I doubly love this recipe from Reduced Grub. Not only is it a healthier twist of the calorific classic, but it’s easy on the pockets too. Smoked Mackerel Tray Bake anyone?

While we are on the take away slant, who fancies a fake away? And a really impressive one at that – not one to let a little thing like dieting get in the way of serving up her friends a veritable feast, Just Average Jen is anything but average with this Chinese banquet!

And of course I could never forget my personal downfall: curry. Oh curry, how I love thee, let me count the inches on my hips…sigh. But I have hope! This low fat  Beef Madras from Claire at Love, Life and Dirty Dishes is on the menu this week. 

I love pancakes, they are a staple in our house, so I will definitely be making these allergy and intolerance and generally guilt free delights very soon – check out This Womans Word for lots of other similar goodies too. Yum.

It’s not just grown up favourites that can get the health-makeover, kiddie favourites (oh ok, and grown up too) are on the cards with this frankly beautiful beast of a pizza from Daddilife. Rainbow pizza all round!

To finish on a sweet note – standard – here’s a healthy ice-cream recipe from Neon Rainbow Blog. Winning!


If you have any health or fitness posts you’d like me to have a read of – and I would love to read them – please pop me an email!

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