Happiness Round-up: Autumn smiles

Happiness Round-up

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There’s something so lovely about this time of year don’t you think? The leaves are golden and still crisp under foot, the chill in the air gives us an excuse to wrap up and drink all the hot chocolate, and of course the promise of Christmas hangs in the air. Exciting times are coming, but before we get carried away with the merriment of mulled wine and mince pies, in this month’s BritMums happiness round-up we give a little nod to all the autumn smiles.  


Your First Days Of Primary School

There’s nothing like the first day of school to make us parents go completely weak at the knees. Like many of us, Jaki from Jaki Jellz and Chloe from The Adventures Of An Allergy Mum have written heartfelt letters to their little ones to mark the occasion. One second we are proud as punch and full of smiles, the next, sobbing as our little ones dance out of sight and off for new adventures. It’s not just the little ones who had big days ahead of them not so long ago though, the teachers did too as they set about welcoming the newbies.

As a mum who’s little one took a bit longer to settle in those first few days, I can completely relate to Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks post I’m Still Proud, because, no matter what, we will always be our little one’s biggest cheerleaders.

Now. Fast forward a week or so, and yes, you’ve guessed it, we’re all old hats at school malarkey and all that comes with it. But what about the after school run as Dawn from Rhyming With Wine so brilliantly puts with all the giggles.


Pumpkin Mania

Halloween snuck up on us this year. But once it was here there was no way it was going to be missed. Bloggers social media were crammed to the brim with pumpkin ha-ha faces as you shared some super experiences. No pumpkin patch was left unturned as Me Becoming Mum Blog, Bridie By The Sea and Dear Mummy Blog discovered.  And there was a lot of spooky baking happening over at All Things Spliced, Mudpie Fridays and The Inspiration Edit – amazing stuff ladies!


Baby You’re A Firework

Did anyone manage to make it to a firework display or create a party of their own? We didn’t this year, but seeing all the smiles and fun to be had over at Inside Martyn’s Thoughts has really inspired me!


Be Happy

Before I go, let’s not forget to celebrate the little things because they do add up into a whole-heap-of-happy and that’s what it’s all about. Because before you know it, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear at the unexpected just like The DADventurer. Sitting back and marvelling at flourishing sibling friendships like Lucy At Home. Or perhaps taking stock of what you really want, and not being afraid to embrace it like Mess & Merlot who talks about being a hobby blogger.

Just don’t forget to write it all down. Because whether you’re feeling on top of the world or shrouded in difficult times, as Vicky from Honest mum discusses, a happy list can help to inspire and remind you of all the things that make you smile.

Thanks for joining us for this month’s BritMums Happiness Round-up. Please do stop by and have a read, leave a comment or just say hello to these happy bloggers.

I love reading your happy posts and would welcome bloggers of all levels to share their posts for consideration. You are also more than welcome to stop by the #DreamTeam linky which runs every Tuesday.

See you soon x

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  1. 21 November 2017 / 16:05

    Thanks so much for featuring my tales of the after-school run lovely! Some brilliant posts in here and I’m looking forward to reading those that I haven’t yet seen. I love this time of year! 🍁💛 xx