#MamiatoMamia Tips for first-time mums

Aldi Mamia site screenshotNew parents come in all shapes, sizes and ages but one thing that unites us all is that it can be confusing, lonely, tiring and sometimes even hilarious.

One of the best things to help you through is support from those who know what it’s like and on Tuesday 3 October we held our #MamiaToMamia Twitter chat, which had second (and third, fourth and fifth) -time mums sharing their advice and insight for first-time mums.

The chat was sponsored by Aldi Mamia, one of the UK’s leading Baby and Toddler brands, providing you with everything you need, every step of the way. Best of all, Aldi Mamia, available exclusively at Aldi, has award-winning products at unbeatable prices. (Did you know that parents could save more than £400 a year by implementing simple switches such as using Aldi Mamia nappies compared to the market leader?). Scroll down to see what real parents think of the Aldi Mamia range.

We chatted about everything you could ever need to know about babies, including nappy changing, bathing, feeding and more. We’ve rounded up our best advice and tips here to help make your lives a little bit easier. Now over to the mums with their top tips for new mummy recruits!

Congratulations being a new mum

Many congratulations on embarking on this new adventure. Whilst at the time it can seem overwhelming and exhausting, all our mum’s agreed that it was a time they fondly looked back and even miss.


Congratulations to all you new mammas! Enjoy your baby, relax, have fun, TAKE PHOTOS! They grow up so quickly! @xcardiffbirdx

Sooo many hours trapped under a feeding/sleeping baby! Couldn’t have coped without it! @missielizzieb

Ah yes, nodding off for sleep you really need whilst cradling your baby or toddler. Just lovely @Kateonthinice

I miss those days @Chelseamamma

Best advice for new mums


Mums get lots advice from family and friends and whilst some can be well-meaning, it doesn’t always stand the test of time. Here we round-up some of our favourite tips from our chat:

Best advice I had from HV was ‘would you rather have a tidy house or a happy baby?’ Guess which one won?! @missielizzieb

I wish I had been given more advice as a new mum, it is so daunting! @theSoupDragon44

I think I’d go crazy without having friends and family to talk to when it comes to babies and kids @SharanSaysSo

Sleep when the baby sleeps. Not gonna happen! Have a cup of tea and a biscuit instead @Janine0187

My advice to a new parent is you know when something is wrong and you might have to push to get seen but do it @theSoupDragon44

My tip for new mums: bringing changing stuff EVERYWHERE. The time you leave it behind is when you need it! @JHowze


On changing time:

Come on, admit it – how many of you realised that this is why there is an envelope neckline on baby vests?

With a very dirty nappy- pull down vests over the body rather than going over the head! @Team_Stein

Video by Tiara’s and Prozac:

The wriggling especially when it’s a dirty nappy. It’s like trying to change a ninja. It’s quite traumatic!! @Lauren0_X

Almost up back 💩 put a wipe down the back of nappy before laying, stops it squishing up/out when they lay on it! @Mummy_Mama_Mum

Changing boys is a lot trickier than girls. You have to go the speed of light so you don’t get wet @Cazzabeet





Always carry wipes. Even when they don’t wear nappies anymore. Sticky hands, dropped toy, helping the parent who forgot wipes! @LuckySammyG

Thin packs of wipes to slip into your handbag & always have a spare sleepsuit @TwirlySwirl79

With my second I found changing the nappy in the boot of the car rather than in a crowded toilet a lot easier! @Cazzabeet

On bathtime:

Bubble Bath

Make sure everything you need is right next to you! It’s hard to stretch for something that’s on the other side! @SharanSaysSo

Leave space around the baby bath – my son loved to splash and the water went everywhere! @FoxVillageFox

Always drape the towel over you too, makes babies easier to dry afterwards @Chelseamamma

We have a deep bath so worried about bathing baby & leaning over. Think will do it in kitchen sink instead! @rocknrollerbaby

I used to just get in with her, so much easier than leaning over! @missielizzieb

Bath time can be fun too. Try toys or sing songs while you wash them to keep them entertained @LuckySammyG

On Weaning

Baby Led Weaning

My top tip is to look into baby led weaning – I wish I’d tried this with baby #1 & #2 as it was SO much easier @NEFamilyFun

Don’t feel forced into weaning early because others are doing it, you will know when your baby is hungry @theSoupDragon44

Weaning was the bit I found easy. They were more than ready to eat much like their Mum @Kateonthinice

Don’t rush weaning, if your little one doesn’t seem ready stick with the milk! @TaleofMummyHood

Avoid baby rice, it made all mine constipated. We swore by sweet potato and butternut squash as first foods @Chelseamamma

Where you can, wean on what you eat (blended) saves time/money & babies ❤️ flavour. @Mummy_Mama_Mum

On Toilet Training

Potty Training

Pick a holiday to do it in, not because you have to stay in, just less pressure on having to be somewhere at a certain time! @AndanaFoods

I would agree. They need time to “master” the craft @Chelseamamma

Don’t stress over it, do it when you can spend a lot of time at home for a week or two , make it fun! @xCardiffBirdx

Potty Training: Spend a penny get a penny-be it a shiny 1p or of the chocolate variety-both worked w my 2! @rocknrollerbaby

Another tip – cover car seats in a plastic carrier bag during potty training to prevent damage @NEFamilyFun

I made piddle pads (water-proof) cushions. Saved many a car seat!! @Chelseamamma

Top tip for boys, put a ping pong ball in the toilet and let them aim at it! Worked a treat with my 2! @MummaBear99

On the Aldi Mamia Range


Love #AldiMamia it really is as good as leading brands but more reasonably priced. Doesn’t triple your weekly shop budget! @CakeyBakeyTart

I absolutely LOVE them, fantastic value and superb quality 👌 i won’t go anywhere else for nappies! @EmmaBooth2013

I wrote a review of #AldiMamia nappies way back when and still love them now! https://t.co/4hQsrY21uU @rocknrollerbaby

Fantastic value. Just as good (if not better) than leading brand and much cheaper! 
Also the insides are softer @CakeyBakeyTart

I loved them. No leaks like some other premium brands @TwirlySwirl79

As good as the leading brand – in fact we swapped and never went back!! @Chelseamamma

Baby Wipes

Looking forward to this. Huge fan of #AldiMamia range. Especially their baby wipes! @BeingMrsC

Aldi baby wipes are superb, I found them better than other leading brands, their toddler wipes are fab too! @xCardiffBirdx

Does anyone else clean around the house with them too? No? Just me then….. @S_Walker_S

Everything else

Their baby food stuff is better than anything wise that I’ve tried and cheaper… And I’m a supertaster @Lillyringlet

Currently size 5 pull ups 😊 theyre great for bedtime so she can still use the toilet during the night as were nearly dry @S_Walker_S

I do love their shampoo and still use it for the older one as it’s gentle @SharanSaysSo

Wipes and rice cakes! @Team_Stein

The crisps – they are better than the other ones we have tried (and we have tried a lot) @Lillyringlet


So there you have it. Lots of stellar advice from mums old and new.

What questions do you have as a first-time mum or tips as a second-time mum? 

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