150+ Halloween ideas for food, crafts & lunch boxes!

Halloween cake toppers by Dreaming Of

The weirdest, controversially-American and so-Pagan-it-makes-some-people-uncomfortable holiday of the year is coming: Halloween!

Get excited and find spooktacular inspiration here for food, crafts, decorations, dressing up and even lunch boxes! BritMums bloggers have shared their crafts, photography and ideas for years and this round-up brings you a plethora of ideas of things to do, eat and see. So get creative, get spooky and get ready for Halloween!


Scarier than mystery meat: 12 Halloween ideas for your lunch box Including the most squeamish sandwiches in the world – ‘dead mans fingers’! Offputting for adults but the kids will love them!
A more nourishing and enticing Halloween food idea is pumpkin. This post contains some very tasty recipes for the festive foodie.
For dessert, how about 15 Halloween Bakes? Ghoulishly good treats to make with the kids, from surprises inside to a scary looking outside!


Halloween is a fun time for children, the folklore surrounding the date offers up a feast for the imagination and what better way to encourage that inventiveness than reading? This post shares some 11 great ideas for Halloween reads for children and this post contributes some 10 great pictures to inspire you for facepainting, costumes and pumpkin carving.


Crafters are more creative than ever, especially at this very colourful time of year. This craft post brings together 10 clever ideas like witches legs, scary eyeballs and some very scary looking potions!
This spooky craft round-up shares 7 ideas for crafts with kids including monster play dough and bat bunting!

Click here for 16 Halloween crafts you’ll love including a pretty pumpkin owl carving and even a diamante pumpkin!

And if displaying your carved pumpkin isn’t enough, it is now a family tradition for many young families to visit a local pumpkin patch! This autumn post contains a list of 27+ links to bloggers who have written about their day when they bought the pumpkin in the first place! Read about their very autumnal days out!

If after all this you still need more Halloween inspiration, here are 41 ideas for festive things to make. 41 spooky Halloween food, crafts & decorations


Whatever you do on Halloween, have fun. With inspiration like this there’s no shortage of ideas!

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