Education Round-up: Goodbye September

Welcome to the October Education Round-up! It feels a bit like the summer came and went in the blink of an eye, the school uniform prep, getting home education plans in order and the millions of ‘uniform in front of the door’ photos splattered our social media happened so quickly. We are gradually getting back into the swing of things now too. 

Education is incredibly versatile in the UK and I am so happy to be able to showcase some of what you guys have written about in the last month. 

Getting Back Into The Swing Of It. 

Louise, from Birds and Lilies, has penned a lovely post about how her daughter is adjusting to the move from reception to year one, something so many of us have been coming to terms with this September. Maria, from Suburban Mum, talks about her eldest going back to school and her youngest just starting. I wish them all luck in their new school environments. 

Something New.

Jade, from Mummies Waiting, tells us about their very first day of home education.  The post gives us some insight into why she made the decision to home educate and shares a diary of the first day. It looks like it was a huge hit all around and a great start, I look forward to following that journey! 

If you want to know more about home education, Reneé from Mummy Tries tackles some of the biggest questions in her Open Letter to Parents Considering Home Education and drops some of the tips she has picked up along the way. 

Hands-On Education

Two brilliant posts this month from The Mad House of Cats and Babies and Rhubarb and Wren, showcasing their little ones using Science kits and Real Woodworking Tools respectively. First up Karen let her daughter take over the blog to give a first-hand account of using the science kit – love the video in this post! Fantastic to see STEM being so accessible in the home too. Rhubarb and Wren get to grips with using some real tool and learning some brilliant outdoor & camping skills. 

That’s it for this Round-up, looking forward to the next one. If you want to send across your education posts pop an email over to or catch me on twitter @mojoblogs. 

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