Poetry & Prose Round-up: Tempus Fugit

Time Flies

Summer. Sunny blue-sky days and balmy nights. ‘Chilled mornings, fun afternoons. Awesome days at the beach. Doing what we feel like, not what we have to’ (Mum Turned Mom). A time for ‘reading for pleasure, creating art just for the sake of creating art, and beachcombing for sea glass, pebbles and shells'(Marija Smits). For rustling up a batch of scones for a ‘Cream Tea Afternoon on the Village Green’ (Turning Up In Devon), or simply for dreams of being a mermaid (The Parent Poet).

Capturing the moments

The warm hazy days have prompted many of us to write. Johanne Winwood wrote this breathtaking piece which went on to win a flash poetry contest. Congratulations Jo!  Cara L Mckee set a creative writing challenge using prompts and dice and shared her own fantastically inspired piece: Who Would Not Do Without.  Not forgetting Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham who compiled a round-up of his own fantastic parodies… in a parody!

Celebrations and New Chapters

Wendy at Naptime Natter has celebrated her little boy’s 4th birthday and captured the occasion with this beautiful poem for him. Like myself and so many other proud parents of 4 year olds, this week marks the start of a new adventure. We now face the moment where we bundle up our little people into crisp new school uniforms and wonder how they will ever grow to fit them.

I read that it’s important to have plans on her first day at school. It feels very tempting to rush straight home after waving her away and blinking back tears. To simply reflect on the time that has passed and flick through baby photos with an achy heart.

Where did the time go?

Just as the summer has flashed by, so too have the baby years. The faint blue line that celebrated a new life beginning is still etched into our memories. The huge adjustment and challenges of becoming a mum (Mummy Wales) have faded. We perhaps think back to breastfeeding trials (Popcorn For Lunch), and the endless hours spent just trying to work out what it is that they actually need? (B*ll*cks To It Blog). Oh and remember the teething (Muffin Top Mummy)?

All of the precious firsts? Tiny steps, words, cuddles, “I wub you”s? All of those heart-melting moments that perhaps even inspired us to go on and do it all over again (Babies, Biscuits and Booze)? All now moments in time that we are lucky enough to keep in our hearts as we embrace this new chapter.

Letting Go Is Never Easy

We can’t hold back time, and we often can’t control events that cross our paths. Sometimes our plans are changed as life hands us new challenges. Sometimes we have to let go in heart-aching ways (Lisa’s Life), just for now, until time and circumstances move us on once again. Endings can be hard to comprehend (Bards For Babes), but the empty space that they leave is naturally filled with a new beginning. New challenges are set, new memories are made and life evolves. We find a new normal with each year that turns (Verily Victoria Vocalises).

Live In The Moment

Sometimes we need to pause and just soak in the evening light (Mummy Here and There). Admire and enjoy the sunset, and welcome in the next sunrise with open arms (Lisa Pomerantzster).

Wishing all of you with little ones starting school this week the very best of luck. I’ll see you at the school gates! Here’s to the start of autumn and a very happy September. I’ll leave you with a toast, and one last brilliant piece: Dear Wine, I Love You. Yours Forever, A Woman (It’s A Drama).

“Cheers!” and thanks for reading.

Dawn x

If have written an original piece of poetry or prose and would like to be featured in our next round-up, please contact either myself or our brilliant co-editor Victoria . You can tweet us @rhymingwithwine @VicWelton using #britmumspoetry. We’ll see you next month!

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Dawn is the often bewildered mum of two very busy children. The Girl is 4 and The Boy is 2. She lives in Yorkshire with her hubby who is fondly known as “Daddy Pig”, as he is of course “rather an expert at everything”. She writes, mostly in rhyme, about the general silliness & hilarity of family life, with the odd soppy moment thrown in just for the feels. Her blog is Rhyming with Wine: "Because whine rhymes with wine, in much the same way as tantrum rhymes with vodka and generally most things rhyme with cake!" Find her on twitter & Instagram @rhymingwithwine.

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