Expat Round-up: Commuter life as an expat

Although I left my home country Trinidad in my late twenties, I never learnt how to drive. By the time baby number two arrived Hubby wanted me to learn how, for the convenience of the kids and I. Well, I’ve been taking lessons for longer than I’m willing to admit and failed my practical three times.

The thing is I enjoy commuting, especially when I’m on my own. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts, top deck on double decker bus. When I used to live in the Eastend of London, I enjoyed a ride on the No 25 and No 8 bus. It was near bliss to be on that route on a sunny day, cruising through the financial district with the occasional view of Thames River. I’m not a fan of trains because I really have to pay attention to the timings and platforms. The tube I can simply jump on and off but buses are my favourite for sightseeing. As a new arrival buses helped me learn how to get around  as a pedestrian as well. I learnt street names and spotted interesting places to visit. They also took me closer to the markets were I could shop for ingredients to cook authentic Trinidadian food.  Not all expat commuting experiences are so idyllic. 


Travelynn Family share their experiences of  commuting on Auto-rickshaws in Bangalore with kids. Its a thrill! But strong bargaining skills will be required. Use their five tips and you’ll be travelling liking a local in no time.


Catherine from Escape with the family shares her family’s funny moments while driving to Lac au Duc in Brittany, France. Even on rainy days they go out and about exploring their new country, not mention the joys of a late evening drive to find bar before the 8 pm closure.  Of course there’s lots on eating out too.


On the topic of food, about once per year I have the pleasure of making a trek across London to collect treats my mother has sent me from Trinidad. Though I’ve not been back in over seven years thanks to dear friends, I receive an annual taste of  home. I get on the tube with my book and I enter a fictional world for an hour journey to East London to collect my Trini delights. My post this month is not about the tube that takes me to my destination but all about the treats. Its almost with reverence I receive the gifts, so I can  share flavours of home and my childhood with my own kids.

Do let me know if there are themes you would like to see covered.  Of course if you have a post you would to be considered for next month’s round-up, please email me on xselph@hotmail.com or DM me on Twitter.


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Maria Tumolo is a Trinidad-born Surrey based stay at home mum, blogger and aspiring published children’s book writer. She moved to England in 2001. She lived in Cambridgeshire for a few months before moving London, where she’s lived ever since. Prior to marriage and children, she earned a BA in English from The University of The West Indies, Trinidad 1998. Her career history has spanned from Libraries to Further Education. Her blog The Tiger Tales explore topics such: expat parenting, education, mixed heritage family life, food and beauty. The way to her heart is a Trini Dalpuri Chicken Roti. 

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