Fun ways to get vitamin D into your kids’ diet #ad

Here’s a surprise: Most of us don’t get enough vitamin D, despite it being called the sunshine vitamin (insert your best British summer joke here). Even during times of frequent sunshine, the use of sun creams can limit the amount of this important vitamin grown-ups and kids receive.

Why vitamin D is important for kids

“Around a quarter to 40 per cent of British children and teenagers are thought to have inadequate levels of vitamin D in their bodies,” nutritionist Carrie Ruxton told Zena from Zena’s Suitcase in a recent interview. “This may put them at risk of osteomalacia (soft bones)…. There is also growing evidence that a poor vitamin D status may be linked to increased risk of infections, possibly because vitamin D has a vital role in normal immune function.”

This month BritMums teamed up with Petits Filous in a paid relationship to help families to increase their vitamin D intake with tasty new formulations that now contain more vitamin D and less sugar. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the absorption of calcium which is essential for healthy bones.

We asked some of our top bloggers to try Petits Filous and tell us how their children like to enjoy it, come rain or shine.

The vitamin D conundrum

Chelsea Mamma's kids on a bridge

Even when kids are outside, sunscreen or cloudy days can limit their vitamin D. Picture: Chelsea Mamma

The easiest way to get vitamin D is to get out in the sun. But that bumps up against sun-safe practices with kids, as Kara from Chelsea Mamma points out. “At the beach they wear UV suits and sunscreen, and in the summer I coat them with factor 50 before they go to school.” During cloudy spells and short winter days, the amount of sun children are exposed to is further reduced.

That means food plays a vital role in your kids getting the vitamin D they need.

Fun ways to get vitamin D with Petits Filous

Petits Filous is a popular part of a lot of children’s diets already, at breakfast or from a pot or pouch during the day.

Mummy Mishaps has two novel ideas for enjoying Petits Filous in slightly different ways. She came up with the idea of making a yummy breakfast smoothie using fruit and Petits Filous pots which her little ones downed with glee. She also cut slits in the top of the pots, adding a lolly stick and freezing to make simple lollies. See her post now.

Frozen Petits Filous pops

Frozen Petits Filous pops by Mummy Mishaps


boy eating frozen Petits Filous

The verdict is in: Yummy. Picture: Mummy Mishaps

Charlotte from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen is full of great ideas on how her boys can enjoy the benefits of vitamin D in tasty Petits Filous. In addition to making easy ice lollies like Mummy Mishaps, she also found a brilliant recipe for 3 Minute Ice Cream made with Petits Filous, Strawberries and Bananas flavour. (See this yummy ice cream recipe here.) We can’t wait to try it! 

3 ingredient homemade ice cream

3 ingredient homemade ice cream are a yes when they look this tempting. Picture: Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Less sugar and other goodness

Family Four Fun was grateful that Petits Filous has addressed parents’ growing concerns about refined sugar and reduced the sugar content in their yoghurts by 20%, while at the same time increasing the amount of vitamin D without compromising on taste.

For Mrs Shilts, vitamin-D rich foods like oily fish aren’t a favourite with her boy (like mother like son, she confesses), so she was happy to discover that 2 small pots supply 50% of the RDA for vitamin D. Her son Olly loves a pot after lunch and the convenient pouches mean they are also a great snack when he’s out at the park with Nan and Grandad.

The Petits Filous range ticked all the boxes for Laura Summers who noted that it is made with 100% naturally sourced ingredients with no added artificial sweeteners, ingredients, colours or preservatives.


fresh fruit yoghurt lollies by Crafts on Sea

Fresh fruit yoghurt lollies by Crafts on Sea

Crafts on Sea ( also put her family to work preparing fresh fruit yoghurt ice lollies for a healthy and satisfying treat on a hot summers day. 

The perfect picnic snack

Charly at Podcast has a daughter who loves racing about, so she really appreciates that Petits Filous can survive outside the fridge for up to five hours, making them an ideal on-the-go treat. See what she and her daughter got up to.


Podcast girl enjoying yoghurt

Charly’s daughter tucked in on a day out

Travel blogger Zena gets her kids excited about eating Petits Filous at different times of the day, not just breakfast, by packing them into picnics. “A picnic is clearly in a meal class all of it’s own and normal rules don’t apply! As soon as I realised the girls would eat their Petits Filous from a picnic, it gave us another reason to grab those summer days with both hands and get out and enjoy them,” she says.

My Fussy Eater is a big fan of the pouches, as the yoghurt can be enjoyed mess-free without having to pack a spoon. 

This post and the bloggers’ posts were sponsored by Petits Filous. All opinions are bloggers’ own.

How do your kids like to enjoy Petits Filous?


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