Making the most of #BML17: 16 tips from our Editors

Excitement is building within BritMums for this year’s eagerly awaited blogging and social media conference – BritMums Live! #BML17

Whether you are a seasoned conference goer or a #BML17 newbie, we know there is a lot to take in and you’ll need a plan of action to help you get the most from this exciting, informative and just awesome day! Within our team of BritMums Round-up Editors we have both experienced bloggers and rising stars so I asked around for some easy but effective conference tips to help you make the most of #BML17. Here’s what they said.

Tips from our Editors for #BML17:

Planning tips

  1. Our Social Media Manager Aby Moore who writes at You Baby Me Mummy is strategic: “Make a list of the people you really want to meet and take it. It turns into a whirlwind and you don’t want to remember people you didn’t try to find when you’re sitting on the train on the way home.”
  2. Conference newcomer Laura Summers says: “This is my first BML and I’m very excited, but I have been to other conferences before. Take your business cards, your camera, it’s also a great excuse to buy some new stationary! If you can arrange to meet some blogging friends before hand so you don’t feel so overwhelmed when you walk in.” Check her out at Laura’s Lovely Blog.
  3. Michelle Pannell has some wise words: “Make it your aim to say hello to one person in every room, who you’re never seen before. Yes, they’ll be people you know you want to meet but there will also be hundreds of other awesome people that you don’t yet know about. Also, I try and have a short sentence to sum up my blog as the most used question by far is ‘what’s your blog?’. So I can tell them I’m Michelle and I’ve been blogging for 9 years at Mummy From The Heart which is a Christian family and travel focused blog.”
  4. Mandi Morrison from Hex Mum advises: “Plan the sessions you want to attend, or you will get caught up socialising and before you know it, you have missed the session you really wanted to go to!”
  5. Sara-Jayne Jones has another tip: “If you’re going with friends who you know really well, split the sessions and take notes – or take notes and offer them on to other people who missed that session; it works brilliantly and talking through what you’ve learned with someone else also helps to make sense of everything!”
  6. Our environment editor Kate Davis says: “Engage with people attending on social media before hand, someone normally creates a Twitter list and Facebook group. This gives you a chance to find out who it attending that you’d like to meet and also lets other people know you’ll be there. Search for the hashtag #BML17 for this year’s event.” Kate writes at Dark Tea.

Tech tips

  1. Hannah Fleming from Hi Baby Blog says “Bring a power bank as your phone will likely give up after 100 selfies and countless excited tweets”
  2. Lauretta Wright from Home and Horizon: “Familiarise yourself with a Notes app on your phone so you can easily jot down ideas from sessions, contacts or pointers throughout the day. It’s worth carrying a pen & notebook as a back up of course! Also…the key to any successful event is in the planning. Make sure you know exactly what is going on when during the day (print out the schedule to take with you), so you can make an informed decision on which sessions would be the most beneficial to you.” 

Fashion Tips

  1. Lucy Melissa Smith from Hello Beautiful Bear: “Wear sensible shoes, there’s lots to do and you don’t want to be hobbling around (or end up taking off your heels like I did last year…)”
  2. Claire Kirby says: “Wear your best spanx. People are going to spend a lot of time staring at your muffin top whilst they read your lanyard to work out who you are!” Claire blogs at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

‘Feel the fear’ tips

  1. Maria Tumolo from The Tiger Tales: ‘Reach out to bloggers you normally engage with on social media but never met. Arrange to meet for a coffee or a drink while at the conference.’
  2. Sam Wills If you’re going in a pack of bloggy friends, and there’s a session you want to go to but your friends don’t…it’s fine to do your own thing. It sounds silly but if you’re a shy type and prefer safety in numbers, try and push yourself to achieve the most from the sessions. You’re paying to be there, after all! Sam writes at Mouse, Moo & Me Too.
  3. Sara-Jayne Jones from Keep Up With The Jones Family shares: “Don’t be afraid to sit down and introduce yourself at a table in the sessions – it may seem scary at first, but we’re all there for the same reason, we all have a connection. A smile and hello, and you could have just made your new best blogging friend!”

‘Being in the moment’ tips

  1. Lizzie Somerset from her blog with the same name advises “Don’t drink too much! Let the atmosphere take you along, it’s vibrant and wonderful so no need to numb it just smile and enjoy !”
  2. Julie McPherson: “Wear a smile, fellow bloggers are more likely to approach you if you look friendly.” Great advice from Julie’s Family Kitchen.
  3. Whilst Clare Nicholas from Emmy’s Mummy makes a good point: “Don’t get too drunk the night before while socialising with other bloggers….you’ll regret it mid conference afternoon while everyone is having fun and you are hiding under a table or in a side room trying to catch some zzzzzz’s”


So there you have it – straight talking advice from those who know! BritMums Live has been an essential part of my blogging calendar since it began and I get something new out of each year I attend. My own personal tip for the conference is ‘once you have a rough idea of the sessions you want to attend and who you want to meet, just go with the flow and let life happen. Don’t be so rigid that you miss out on an unexpected meeting or chance happening that you couldn’t plan. In the past I have missed out on sessions that I wanted to attend because I got caught up chatting but then some of my best opportunities have come out of developing relationships with people rather than taking pages of notes, so I regret nothing.’ I blog at JuggleMum.

#BML17 is not far away now so enjoy the anticipation and myself, Jen, Susanna, Aby and Madeleine will look forward to seeing you on the day!

Do you have any tips for attending #BML? Please let us know in the comments!

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