Health Round-up: All set for school?

Hello! Happy summer holidays… I hope you’re all having a fabulous August so far and aren’t climbing the walls too much yet. Or broke. I’m definitely hovering between the two. So, in less than a fortnight my eldest starts her first year at primary school, and I’m not ready at all. She is – she’s keen as mustard, but my emotions have been on overdrive and, well, I just don’t want to admit that she’s growing up. I’m also not quite ready for the inevitable onslaught of bugs and illnesses that she’s bound to bring home.

That’s what I’ve focused on for my round-up this month: all things school. You’ve sent me some fabulous posts to read and share, so let’s crack on!

Tips for getting the kids some good sleep

I think one of my big concerns is how exhausted my daughter is going to be, and how I can make sure that she’s getting enough sleep. Emma from Emma and 3 recently published a post about this, which includes some really good, basic tips for setting the right environment to promote a night of quality Zs.

Head lice alert: Keeping your sense of humour

Have you had the dreaded head lice yet? We have, oh we have. Claire, from Life, Love and Dirty Dishes, wrote this post that might not be the MOST medically accurate method for dealing with a lice infestation, but it really made me laugh and I think you’ll resonate if you’ve been there!

Coping with food sensitivities

If your child suffers with food allergies and intolerances, then starting school might be a very worrying time for both of you. Especially where the children are so young, and you’re reliant on the teachers and staff to swoop in and make sure that your little one isn’t eating something that they shouldn’t be. Emma blogs over at Free From Farmhouse, and she’s shared a great post that includes a letter template that your child can keep with them, to help others understand the limitations to their diet. It’s SO useful, please do take a look.

Brace yourself for chicken pox

Another Emma now – this time it’s Emma Reed, who has written about chicken pox. I hate to break it to you guys, but it’s going to happen. If you’ve not had them in your house already, they ARE coming. Last month I had one infected child when I wrote my round-up…the other one also got infected and it was a moderate test of my abilities as a “gentle parent”, frankly.

…and hand, foot and mouth disease

Katie, from the Squirmy Popple, is up next with her post about Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Often confused with Chicken Pox in the early stages, it’s quite annoying for the parent (you won’t be able to send your child to school when they’re contagious), and it can also be quite painful and sore for your little one. There are some great tips here for helping your child through the worst of it, until normal service resumes.

Getting them prepared for new experiences

Nellie from Nellie Pom Poms has my next post, which is a gorgeous one that talks about all the “new” experiences, and how scary they can be for your child and you. I just found it a really reassuring read and it calmed my mum-anxiety down a fair bit too.


When you’ve got other concerns

I’ve featured Louise from Little Hearts, Big Love a couple of times before and I love her posts about her “heart child” Jessica. This one is all about preparing her for school, where Louise’s fears are understandably a bit more heightened as she’s placing the control with the teachers and staff. She’s included a quick reference guide that Jessica keeps with her, containing clear information about her condition and needs.

When you have a preschooler or a child going to Reception

Lastly is Emma from Island Living 365 (my third Emma in this round-up!). Emma has a little one in pre-school, and I wanted to share this post because I didn’t have anything similar to refer to when my eldest was at that stage. Pre-school is such a great taster for what’s to come, and much of what Emma has included here will transfer to Reception year.

That’s all from me for this month. I’ll be back in September, and I haven’t decided on a theme yet. So, please email me your links at or pop me a tweet over on Twitter – I’m @mousemoo_metoo. Anything goes, as long as it’s health-related!

Take care,

Sam x

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