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Do you find it hard to make quality time for the kids during the long summer holiday?

For most families it is all about managing work, family commitments, holiday activities and essential household chores. There are lots of things that can get in the way of being your little one’s partner in crime, really letting your hair down and enjoying just being a parent during the six week break.

At our #SavingOurSummers Twitter chat talked about how you take time out of the household chores and put the savings toward time with your family. 

The #SavingOurSummers chat was sponsored by SuperSavvyMe, the lifestyle site from P&G that gives you great hints, tips and advice on all your daily essentials. SuperSavvyMe provides parents badly needed time over summer through savings on household products that not only leave extra cash for treats but making short work of housework.

Parents’ Frustrations

Disheartening when they trash the place after you’ve spent 2hrs cleaning. I’ve given up having a spotless house @S_Walker_S

I’m not very good at keeping on top of the cleaning. I prefer one day in to blitz the lot @MelodyXMorris

How do you fit in all the chores?

I do household chores once my daughter has gone to bed so we have the day to go out and play! @BattyNatty29

Save up all the chores until they go make to school. I do the bare minimum when they’re off! @GlamandGeeky

Team work. My husband is off for 3 wks so we do things at double speed @MelissaJaneDay

Spontaneity is the key! If it’s a gorgeous day, we go to our local pier/beach etc. Rainy days are for housework! @Jazz_shoesdance

Getting the kids to help

Getting the kids to help with chores is always a challenge, but we had some fabulous tips to encourage even the most reluctant helper.

It’s hard. I try encourage them to get involved if they want to, then we have more time to play later @tazarazamuffin

Make a game plan and let rip with ideas. Then you can slot the chores in (with their help) around it @Coachemmafulton



Works too if you give things special names – Big Tuesday Tidy-up – or make it an adventure, like a Witchy Walk @Coachemmafulton

On the days there’s two of us we take them out so they can’t ruin the house @GlamandGeeky

Summer Fun on a Budget

Everyone had some great tips about how to have fun on a budget. Our favourite picture was from @GlamandGeeky who have invested in their local county country park’s annual parking ticket for cheap fun days out!

Glam and Geeky

We look forward to the summer holidays all year and then they arrive. My girls have learnt to play tennis for free! @BexAllum

Look up your local #swimsafe course which teaches water safety in open water. It’s free too! @Chelseamamma

We took a trip to buy some new games from Smyths Toys after doing a carboot to raise some funds @S_Walker_S

Weve downloaded the geogaching app so go on treasure hunts, this was from our recent trip and it’s free! @GlamandGeeky

And we so need to give this a go:


We once planned and executed a wedding, complete w/ outfits, for 2 of my pet rocks (remember those?) @JHowze

Bug spotting is a favourite summer activity @gottobein

Rainy Day Fun

Make a boat out of an old margarine tub and race it in puddles and streams created by all the rain @Chelseamamma

We did build a den around the girls bunk bed for a movie day last week, they stayed up there for hours @S_Walker_S

Looking through old photos with nana too, hearing stories about their great grandma/grandad priceless @Jazz_shoesdance

Get the kids involved in food

Make everything about meals fun! We went pick your own then used the bounty for dinner! #SavingOurSummers

— Olivia Kirby (@sayhelloflo) August 4, 2017


Great idea. We have strawberries and apples. Kids love picking strawberries! @anilahussain2

Words of wisdom

There is no denying that keeping on top of everything in the summer holidays can be a challenge, but you also had some wise words of wisdom to share:

Every mum should have time management on her CV @kateonthinice

It’s tough but worth it. Kids grow up too quickly, every minute spent with them is precious @janetlynnej

Got more tips for saving our summers? We’d love to see them in the comments!


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