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We’re all busy at the moment whether we are Brit Mums or Brit Dads. Summer is upon and so it seems are a lot of children who need attention! So this month I’ll be brief with our round-up as although we may need a break we always need to keep an eye on our finances!

One thing we all struggle with during the summer holidays is the constant need to feed the children. Getting them to eat well is an all year round job but how can this be achieved without breaking the bank? Natalie at Confessions of a Crummy Mummy tells us 5 easy ways to eat well on a budget.

If you are a stay at home parent then sometimes it can feel that everyday is the school holidays which means all the stress without any money! I don’t deny it can be tough as I was a stay at home mum myself for many years but there are plenty of ways to keep your sanity and enjoy your time with your child. Emma Reed shares her money saving tips for the stay at home parent.

Before you actually have a baby there’s all the stuff you have to buy for the baby. Not matter how careful you are there’s always one thing that can be classed as a waste of money as it is only used a couple of times or left in its packaging. One way to cut costs on baby items is to buy second hand. Emma at Me and Be Make Tea talks about how to save a fortune buying second hand for baby and the methods she has used herself.

As a former financial adviser I know how important it is to keep on top of your credit score. Many people think it is only important to have a good credit score if you want to take out loans. You could find yourself turned down for mobile phone contracts and insurance if your credit score isn’t up to scratch. If you some top tips to improve your credit score then Louise from With Love from Lou gives the lowdown on her own personal experience.

During the summer we get about by a variety of means from walking to catching buses, trains and trams. I do know if we didn’t have a car it would make life very difficult for us even if this means just getting to and from the supermarket! The problem with cars is they can break down at any time and sometimes they are just beyond repair. Rachel Bustin found herself in this position just days before she moved house! Now she has gone through the process of buying a new car she shares her experience.

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