#BML17: Toby & Roo speaking on Instagram & Stories

We’re pleased to announce another fabulous #BML17 speaker on our session on Instagram and Instagram Stories.

Harriet Shearsmith is the blogger behind Toby & Roo, a parenting and lifestyle blog that aims to share the wins and woes of parenting. Her passion is Instagram and, with the help of her 3 kids, long-suffering husband and one wrinkly dog, she spends most of her time sharing the reality of parenthood across the pixels with her 87,000 followers. Harriet specialises in Instagram marketing and helps others to learn how to grow and use their Instagram accounts to make money and collaborate with brands.

“Everyone is very quick to tell you how to “do” Instagram,” says Harriet. “Stick with one filter, don’t stick with one filter, add captions, don’t add captions… but there is so more much out there!”

She’ll be sharing:

  • How to maximise Instagram – Which apps to have ready for use, finding your own style (it doesn’t have to be all pretty pictures of stationary!), being confident in trying new things but staying niche, what is your niche and how to stick in it without missing out (for example, my niche is parenting + lifestyle, but I can get away with a photo of coffee – why?)
  • What to avoid – Buying followers (why this is bad on more than just a moral level), follow for follow, over-posting (something I’ve made the mistake of doing personally so can attest to why it doesn’t work), spamming, and ignoring commenters/community
  • How to boost engagement – Figure out your engagement rate, why it is important, what to realistically aim for and how to use that to your advantage for PR work
  • Understanding the algorithm and how to use it to your advantage (this is actually obscenely easy to do)
  • How to monetise and work out what to charge for Instagram

Don’t miss out on this fantastic session.

See the full agenda here.

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