45 tips for creating #familygoodtimes this summer #ad

thumbs up from young girl

@Kayewillan‘s daughter gives board games a thumbs-up

How do you play games and have fun with your kids? At our #familygoodtimes Twitter chat, tweeters shared top tips on  how to create memorable experiences with your family when you need it the most i.e. during school holidays, at weekends and during mealtimes.

The chat was sponsored by McDonald’s UK, which is raising awareness of the free, family-focussed events at McDonald’s restaurants across the UK, bringing to life what’s on offer. Playing games together is a great way of enjoying even more ‘quality time’ and keeping the family entertained.

Find your nearest McDonald’s restaurant with family fun days here

So what works for families? Board games, silly outdoor fun, imaginative games in the car and more! Read on for their tips. 

Board games and other indoor fun

girl playing Junior MonopolyBoard games are great for days when it is raining outside @star2867

Our favourites have to be snakes and ladders, chess and ludo. It’s nice to see traditional games are still so popular @29niknak29

The old ones are the best! Just like Snakes and Ladders – always gets a thumbs up from Connie! @kayewillan

Oh I love this game. I have learned not to celebrate too early as I always went down a snake right at the end @Tantrums2Smiles

Junior Monopoly is always good fun @gottobein

Simon says, I Spy and Snap are popular in my house @MelodyMorris

Sticker books or magazines are good or even bubbles. Everyone loves bubbles @Iamamyd

You can’t beat classics like hide and seek @nomipalony

Can chores be considered family fun?

My eldest always used to beg to mop the floor. Unfortunately she has grown out of it. @EssexKate

Family time is precious so we try to make even chores fun like watering the plants with water pistols @missielizzieb

Outside game ideas

family jumping tweet on BritMumsWhen younger, my daughter loved washing her dolls’ clothes. She made a little washing line and a bowl of suds. I did this as a kid @missielizzieb

Outdoor Jenga is fun @pinkwinkgirly

[We love outdoor fun] with the hosepipe @angep1969

Gardening can bring generations together – son used to love helping Granddad in the garden @kateonthinice

Tag, hide and seek….they love making dens @MammyBear123456

Hopscotch or skipping. Great exercise @kiwi7001

Among my favourites were manhunt and tick. It is funny how that things that cost nothing hold the best memories @29niknak29

Just get outside in the fresh air and make your own fun @kayewillan

Games in the car

We often do twists on classics I think. When travelling in the car we have our own music quizzes and things like that @lauislucky

I spy! Funny when you play with preschool children who can’t spell @tazarazamuffin

My children have just discovered the “joy” of making up their own knock knock jokes in the car @Edspire

When does your family visit McDonald’s?

When I was little it was just for special occasions but now we go more often @nomipalony

We pair a trip to the cinema with a trip to McDonald’s. A good excuse to not eat sweets during the film @deefado0

After a shopping trip @kiwi7001

We love to hit McDonald’s after a day of family DIY @JHowze

McDonald’s then and now

My parents never took us to McDonald’s as it was all burgers, much more choice now and we love a chicken wrap @thesoupdragon44

I do miss the kids’ seating areas though. I grew up eating my dinner of the little toadstools at the mini tables @V82CHRIS

Yes. I used to love those little toadstools @MeBeeandBo

I remember getting my mum to sit on them with me, poor thing — lol @V82CHris

We first dipped fries in a McDonald’s milkshake back in 1987. Now they are making YouTube videos of folks doing it for fun @itsamotherhood

At McDonald’s I take away their Happy Meal toy until they’ve eaten all their food. No food – no toy. Works every time. @V82CHRIS

The variety of food on offer [now] is so much more diverse. Still same yummy taste though @BabesAboutTown

Didn’t know McDonald’s were running special events throughout the holidays @claugirl77

Most interesting thing is that McDonald’s are doing free 3,000 family events across the country. One near me too. Wow! @HackettLady

How do you create family good times?

boy buried in sand tweetGo technology free! Don’t spend your time looking at memories you’re making through a camera @MrsManfalou

Free adventures are best @pinkwinkgirly

I realised I spend lots of time keeping everyone happy and I should focus on the times we are together and happiness will come @mummydaddymia

Everyday moments like walking to school and chatting together [are great memories] @deefadoo

Just spend time together preferably with no sibling squabbles @MrsManfalou

I’d say by trying new things as a family, making memories and taking lots of photos with you in them to remember the moments @29niknak29

girl playing in water pictureAllow yourself time to just do nothing! We all need the recharge and you enjoy the big days out more @angep1969

My kids are growing so fast so I try to cherish every moment @Iamamyd

Do things that everyone enjoys and don’t spend time on your phone. Ask the kids what they want to do and make sure to have fun @star2867

Free adventures are the best @pinkwinkgirly

The last words

Takes some risks. Allow them some freedom under a watchful eye @missielizzieb

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