Post-40 Bloggers Round-up: If you read only one post – Running in heels

Post40 bloggers round-upThe post I’ve chosen to feature from the post-40 bloggers’ community this month is by Lara Slater from Life and Love in London.

There is little to add to Lara’s terrifying lucidity in her post about the London incident at Borough Market. My own grown children are in that market weekly and, like, Lara I could not stop watching the news – understanding what was going on but it all being terribly unreal.

The strength of the writing lies in the re-telling of a day which, under other circumstances, would affect us entirely differently. The matter-of-fact happenings of that day, throw the later extraordinary circumstances into sharp, sharp relief.

The passage about being asked not to wear heels in future is particularly poignant as is the beginning of what was to unfurl that night:

MrS left me at the desk while he went down the steps and spoke to a chap who was waiting outside. “It’s a stabbing” he reported back.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay sir? Please be careful.”

With promises that we would be, we left the restaurant.

Just as I was looking around, the gun shots went off.

This is a brave re-telling of a traumatic time and ‘Running in heels’ is the post I recommend the blogging community do not miss this month.

Lara can be found online:

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Until then, my best. Mel


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