Mums & Tots Round-up: Fun summer activities at home

Summer is here, I cannot tell you how happy I am about that! As much as I would like to hope that we will get out and about most days, reality will mean that we will spend plenty of chilled days at home too. So, I thought it would be nice to pull together a post to inspire you with different activities to try with your little ones on those days when you don’t fancy going out. 

Now some people recoil when crafts are mentioned but they don’t have to be messy or difficult and Laura over at Dear Bear and Beany has a fab pair of binoculars to make from loo roll. You can make them one day and then go on an adventure to find animals the next! Carrying on the exploration theme, Happy Mummy shows you how to make some creepy crawlies. Hide them in the garden and go on a bug hunt! This simple paper craft idea from Scandi Mummy would be lovely on a sunny afternoon, then you can take your paper kite birds to the park and run free! Susan K. Mann has a lovely space activity for younger tots but also gives an older version – perfect if you have older kids off school over the next few weeks. 

This activity from The Gingerbread House is just so lovely and I know my girls will love it. Go on a nature walk, collect some flowers and then use them to paint. You can of course paint the flowers too if you have older children with a love for still life! Pink Pear Bear has a similar idea but she has tied the leaves and feathers up to make brushes – so much fun! Do you have a garden? Something I have always loved to do is plant flowers with my girls and as soon as Wills stops eating mud I will start with him too. Growing Family shows you how to grow your own salad – perfect for teaching children where food comes from. 

Monkey and Mouse has a great list of free activities to do at home – the garden disco sounds so much fun! Gives the mums a chance to have a catch up too. Clare’s Little Tots shares a fantastic tuff spot activity – an ice cream parlour! We have a tuff spot and have shared a few ideas in the past but I am definitely going to try this one in the next few weeks! 

No doubt it will rain at some point over the next few weeks, so why not have a playdough day? Family Fever has a super simple recipe for making your own – I am going to have to try it myself! Another lovely activities is this one from Mudpie Fridays, with giant water beads – I keep meaning to order some! This idea from Arthur Wears is new to me but I think all three of mine would love it – painting bread! 

When bloggers submit their posts each month I really enjoy reading through each one and this one from Thrifty Mum really made me smile. It is a how to for making your own thrifty bucket list for summer. Not only does she show you how to make your own but she’s given you plenty of ideas to get you started. 

Hopefully those will keep you busy – I know there are plenty to keep me and my three entertained on those days at home. 

What are your plans for the summer? 

Next month I am going to be thinking about how to prepare your little ones for pre-school so will be sharing tales from parents who’ve been there before. Is your little one starting in September? 

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