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My children both break up from school this week for six long weeks. In some parts of the country the summer holidays have been in full swing for a couple of weeks now. If there’s one thing we all have in common that is knowing that having the kids at home is an expensive business. If the forthcoming weeks fill you with dread as you can hear the sound of your bank account emptying then worry no longer. I’ve got together some top advice to help you see through summer on a budget.

Do you live in Surrey or Hampshire? If so Ray at Lukesaurus and Me has got summer covered for you. She has gathered together 95 Things to Do with the Kids this Summer in Surrey and Hampshire. One of my favourites is Mercedes-Benz World which is on the old Brooklands race track near Weybridge. It’s free entry to the three floor site and you can wander round brand new cars plus historic vehicles and some rather fancy F1 cars.

If you’re spread across the South East then have a look at the 11 Free Family Days Out In The South East gathered together by Ria at  Happy Mummy. A trip to the airfield looks awesome!

As someone who grew up in London I can tell you that it’s a crazily expensive place to live but one of the easiest place to amuse yourself for free. With so many parks and museums at your disposal which are best places to go? Clare at Emmy’s Mummy has put together her list of Free Things to do in London with the Kids.

If you haven’t got a holiday planned have you thought about a stay-cation? Let’s face it just leaving this country is expensive; have the seen the price of a passport these days?! If you stay in this country for your holidays then your money will stay here as well so think of all those businesses that will benefit! If I’ve convinced you to stay in Blighty for your hols then look at the Top tips for planning the perfect stay-cation from Laura at Five Little Doves.

Have the pennies started to run out? Whether you want to stay in or head out Clare at My Money Cottage has put together a list of 8 Cheap & Free Activities for the Summer Holidays. For further ideas check out the way that Angela at Adventures in Websterland plans to Survive The Summer Holidays On A Budget.

Cass at The Diary of a Frugal Family knows a thing or two about reaching September and not being bankrupt! She has put together her Five Summer Holiday Sanity Savers which includes her bumper list of 100 Frugal but Fun Summer Activities. If you want to know How to Keep Your Kids Happy This Summer Without Spending Any Money then Jenni at Chilling with Lucas has plenty of ideas for you. If you’re still searching for ideas then Jenny of Midwife and Life has put together 25 Free or LowCost Summer Holiday Ideas.

If your child is not school age yet and you are a stay at home parent then every day can feel like the school holidays that never end. I’ve been there myself and finding things to do and ways to cut costs on everyday items is hard. To stop the endless cycle Emma Reid  has come up with Money Saving Tips for the Stay at Home Parent.

Going onto maternity pay can be a shock to your finances and when that stops it gets even harder to adjust to life without a salary. As someone who has just finished her time on maternity pay Clare from Mumsy Midwife has 5 Money Saving Tips for Parents to help soften the blow.

If you’ve had a child in the last ten years then you will have heard of the TV programme In The Night Garden. You might not be able to make much sense of what they say but  Thrifty Mum Hollie has been watching carefully and found they offer sound financial advice! Find out what you could learn in the latest edition of 5 Money Saving Lessons From…In The Night Garden.

Do you want to know 5 Easy Ways To Save £500 Next Month? Of course you do! Top up your bank account with some tips from Emma’s Savvy Savings. If you’re looking for some long term savings tips then read JuggleMum Nadine’s 30 Ways to Save Money. I’m going to be trying out the denture sterilising tablet trick then next time I clean the bathroom!

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