Video Round-up: Your most viewed videos

Welcome back to the video round-up. This month I decided to do something completely different and ask people to submit their most viewed posts with a little blurb about why they thought it was so popular and why it was special to them. 

First up is a video from Kirsty Dee about a fitness bullet journal. Kirsty says she was really surprised that this was her most viewed as she wasn’t feeling that confident about the video. I love how this became a real reminder to have more confidence. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Erin Ek brings us her most viewed video which is an unboxing of a bell tent. As Erin says, it’s great for people to see real people putting up such a tent and they certainly give confidence to people that it’s achievable! I can see why it got som any views and a perfect video for this time of year too! 

Next up is from Alina Davies with a Smiggles haul but filmed by her daughters. It’s also one of Alina’s favourite as the girls were just so excited to film. Vloggers in the making for sure, I say! Thank you for sharing this lovely video with us.

This video from Happy Mummy is wonderful as Maria is very new to vlogging but is thoroughly enjoying the process! Such a lovely video for Maria to share as shows such a great time they had on holiday. I loved watching this, Maria. Good luck with the vlogging venture!

I love this next video up from Lisa Robb as it shows her speed-cleaning her house. I love the fact that Lisa has no idea why it is her most viewed but we can only surmise that we all love any information we can get on how quickly we can do the housework. Just brilliant! Thank you for sharing!

Now for a whopping 92k view, I bring you this video from Katy Flint, a review of the Twirly Woos big red boat. As Katy says, the power of CBeebies right here for all to see. Well done with the views Katy, just incredible!

Laura Steer shares with us her most viewed video and I’m so pleased she did as it’s beautiful. It’s a video of the Lodge Hill Bluebell woods in Staffordshire. I can see why it is your most viewed, Laura. Thank you for sharing with us.

Chloe Bridge, with 262k views, brings us her 120 days of baby led weaning video. I love how it was such a surprise to Chloe to get so many views but seriously well done. That’s incredible. Such an important helpful subject though so I completely understand the high views!

And, finally, I’m delighted that Kerry Conway shared this post with us. Her birth story of her rainbow baby. Just beautiful and I can understand why it means just so much to you. Really kind of you to share such a special video with us, Kerry.

Thank you to everyone for sharing their most viewed videos. I’ve really enjoyed watching. If anyone has a theme they would like to see next month please let me know. I can be contacted at

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