Health Round-up: Health from head to toe

Hi everyone! Welcome to my June round-up. This month, I decided not to set a theme, and instead let you choose the posts that you wanted to champion. As always, I’ve been sent a lovely selection of blogs and I’ve really enjoyed reading through everything that’s been submitted.

First up is a post around a subject I’d never heard of before, Juvenile Arthritis. Here, Rebecca talks about a week in the life of Miss T, who suffers from JIA, in the run up to “Wear Purple for JIA Day”. It made me really sad to see how few “normal” days Miss T has in her week, but completely inspiring to read something that raises awareness – I hope research catches up and there’s a cure for this one day soon.

Next is Emma , who wrote a great post last month for Mental Health Awareness Week providing some top tips for achieving mental wellbeing. Of course I’m a huge advocate of exercise and healthy eating, and I think they can have a profound effect on mental health. But I also love making lists, especially when I can add on a few things I’ve already done just for the satisfaction of ticking them off! Learning to remove myself from situations that trigger anxiety and ill feeling is also really important, and features in Emma’s post.

Faye from Glossytots has written a really informative post about the use of cranial osteopathy as a treatment, or at least a symptom reducer, for reflux. My youngest had terrible reflux that didn’t get diagnosed until she was 6 months old, by which time I was told to hang on in there as “weaning would probably help anyway”. I definitely would have considered this technique if it had been suggested to me sooner.

Have your brood suffered from the infamous chicken pox yet? Amy writes at the Mighty Duxburys, and she’s put together a great list of tips to manage the illness and reduce the feeling of needing to tear your hair out! I’m a big fan of oatmeal baths, anything oat-y is fantastic in my opinion.

Hayley from Devon Mama has pretty much summarised my thoughts on how children can literally wreck your once lovely body. I know, I know – growing a child is a miraculous thing, but once they’re actually born it can really take its toll. It was refreshing to read Amy’s account of her skin changes, as I also used to suffer from oily skin and it’s now dry as a bone!

Victoria from Lylia Rose has written a post about smoking, which is something I haven’t read much about lately. I’m assuming that smoking rates are decreasing with the introduction of vaping, but there are still a staggering number of parents who smoke. No judgements here – but this post gives a few hard hitting facts that might be the motivation you need if you, or someone in your family, are looking to quit.

Natalie from Crummy Mummy sent me a lovely, speed-read post containing a few ways to instantly revive and lift the mood. Some days we don’t need anything big to perk us up, just a little SOMETHING to add a spring to our step and give us a bit more energy to make it through the week. I love running but I’m useless at baths, I just use the time wallowing to worry!

Finally, Ursula from Mumbelievable has written about when her husband became ill and needed urgent surgery. My heart was in my mouth while I read the post, and it’s so hard to switch between being one of a team, to the one who really needs to keep it all together and spin every single plate.

I also wrote something for Mental Health Awareness Week, which I’d love you to read. It focuses on the theory that PND can affect parents at any time, not just in the newborn days.

That’s all from me. I’ll be back in July, hopefully with a summer holiday special. Have a great month and as always, if you’d like anything included then please email a link to me at, or tweet me @MouseMoo_MeToo.

Sam x

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  1. Victoria - Lylia Rose 27 June 2017 at 20:26 #

    Thanks for including me! I read 1 in 5 people smoke in the UK which is rather a lot! Glad I don’t anymore 🙂

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