Working Mums Round-up: Is it time for a change in career?

Have you ever thought about changing your career? Is being someone’s mum and being a full time career woman pushing you to breaking point? Long hours, early mornings, late nights and only seeing the kids at bedtime seem to have become the norm for me on the days that I work and this month I have really been feeling the pressure and guilt that comes with this kind of routine. 

I know I’m not alone with this. Feeling overwhelmed by trying to find a work / life balance is a common theme and conversation I hear amongst both the blogging community and my own mummy friends. Juggling all those hours at work with the constant demands of life as a parent is a tricky balancing act and many women (and men!) feel they need to make adjustments once their families start to expand. 

So what can you do about it?

Well, for many people, myself included, part time hours can be the answer. If you work it right, a part-time shift pattern can allow you the time away from the family to concentrate on your work but hopefully can also allow you enough time at home that you feel you might be getting the balance right as mum of three, Emma-Louise writes in Finding a work / life balance – why part time works for me. 

Not every career or job lends itself to working part time hours however. Many employers won’t support applications for flexible working and many more simply can’t. So what do you do if your current career isn’t able to provide the flexibility that you need to work part time hours? Obviously you can explore your options but if you are sure that working part time is the right option for you then this post from JuggleMum is worth a read – 3 Part-time jobs for mums juggling work and home life.   There are many emerging careers, not least blogging that can provide a sustainable, flexible and/or part-time income if you are willing to think outside of the box and put a lot of hard graft in.

However, for some a complete change of career is called for. As I mentioned, not all employers are able or willing to support a flexible approach to working as Claire who blogs at The Pramshed recently found out. Claire has made the difficult decision to leave her stable job and move into a much more flexible but daunting self-employed career. Claire has written about her choices and what lies behind them in this post – A new beginning, which is well worth a read for anyone who is wondering what’s next for them. 

Whichever way you cut it, whether that is part time hours, a brand new career or a 50 hour working week – being a working mum can be tough. It can also be rewarding and mostly its just necessary! 

If you are about to embark on a change of career why not share your story below for others to benefit from?

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