Happiness Round-up: There is strength in happiness

Happiness Round-up

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I wasn’t sure how I would write the BritMums happiness round-up post this week. The recent terrorist attacks have shaken me to the core. I don’t know how we are meant to feel after not 1 but 3 horrific crimes in such a short space of time. The world as we know it for our little ones has changed again, and for many reasons, I can’t help feel very worried. Anxious even.

But living right here in a major city, it’s hard not to miss everyone’s unity and defiant need to keep going. To stand together, as I wrote about in: London. A Parents Thoughts. To live. And we must.

Strength can be found in all sorts of places. There is beautiful strength in happiness. It’s all around us. From a parents cheers as a little one takes their first steps, to embracing a threenagers silliness and the whole family joining in with the calamity of it all.


You see, I needn’t have worried about writing the BritMums happiness round-up. Despite everything that has happened, you have been filling the blogosphere with the best possible posts. Those filled with smiles, laughter and happiness. This month’s round-up features an allsortment of happy posts. We have beautiful birthday memories, yes moments, adventures and a focus on you, the blogger behind these wonderful blogs. Here are my favourite picks.


One – Devon Mama

And just like that, you are 2 – All Thing Spliced

For Meggy, on your fourth birthday – Five Little Doves

Can you outgrow a milk allergy? Yes you can! – Free From Farmhouse

A special sports day achievement – Little Hearts Big Love

Junior Federation Crown Green Bowling – Mum, Dad plus 4

My family adventures – The Smallest Of Things

A week full of Frenchie adventures – The Frenchie Mummy

Wow, May – you were lots of fun – Hello Cuppies

5 things that make me happy – Bridie By The Sea

My 10 happy things – Scandi Mummy



If you have a moment, please do stop by and have a read, leave a comment or just say hello to these happy bloggers who bring all the smiles.


Thanks for joining us for this month’s BritMums Happiness Round-up. I love reading your happy posts and would welcome bloggers of all levels to share their posts for consideration. You can email me at 3littlebuttonsblog@gmail.com or pop along to link up to the #DreamTeam linky which runs every Tuesday.


See you next time x


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