Post-40 Bloggers Round-up: If you read only one post – How are you?

Post40 bloggers round-upThe post I’ve chosen to feature from the post-40 bloggers’ community this month is by Hilary Farrow. It is her response to our writing prompt No. 122 which asked the question: “How are you?”

When we tweeted this writing prompt, we added the words: “No, really, how are you?” Hopefully you get, then, we really wanted to know how are readers were.

Before telling us, really telling us how she was, Hilary makes the point that the question “How are you?” is tantamount to saying “Hello” these days, and since we are often walking past someone when we ask the question, it is a given that we don’t really want to know the answer.

And I’m reminded of a post I wrote at the top of the year (Inspired To fly Solo) when a customer asked me that ubiquitous question:


A nice guy, but not someone I knew well at all. Walking him out of the premises, he asked the rudimentary early-January question: ‘How was your Christmas?’ Swallowing a polite, quick-bat response, I screwed up my courage and actually told him. I didn’t bang on, but did explain how difficult Christmas has been for me since Bronnie’s death, and how this year I re-framed the experience and had the happiest of times I can remember in recent history.

My customer looked at me way past the usual English reserve and said: “I’m so glad you told me that. My wife lost her father before Christmas and it has been very difficult, but it’s good to hear that it can get better. You have been an inspiration.”


That encounter was also an inspiration for me and I now try not to ask someone how they are unless I really want to know – and have the time to stop and listen if they choose to tell me.

Hilary does a lovely job of taking us through some of the things she is currently going through and it makes for a stunning read. “How Are You? No, Really, How Are You?” is the post, then, I recommend you don’t miss this month.

Hilary can be found online as follows:

Blog – Thinking of You and Me

Twitter – MrsNige

Instagram – Three Lanterns Photography

In the meantime, see you all next month with another pick from talented bloggers and writers aged 40+.

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Until then, my best, Mel


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