Poetry & Prose Round-up: New beginnings

Welcome to the Poetry & Prose round-up for May.  Spring is finally in full bloom and summer is peeking around the corner at us.  I adore this time of year and can’t get enough walks in the countryside and visits to farms.  New life seems to be blossoming all around us and for me Easter has been all about welcoming in the new.  I see the world and the seasons with a whole new level of appreciation now that I’m a parent.  We get to explore everything with new eyes and it’s so magical!

The blogging world allows us to share our exciting stories and poetry has such a beautiful way of capturing our most precious moments.  Babies, Biscuits and Booze shared the beautiful poem Sibling Kicks as she waits for her new arrival to make an appearance.   Intrepid Babe touched me with this moving post about her tiny baby that couldn’t wait to be born, and Nicola of All Things Spliced gave us I Worried.  I think we would all agree that parenthood is around 98% finding things to worry about, and whilst not technically a poem I thought that this piece was such a gorgeous piece of prose.

Of course parenthood is a constantly evolving journey from milestone to milestone.  As soon as our bundles arrive we face our own personal battle in the breast -vs- bottle debate, and our own circumstances and experiences will shape our journey down that path.  Autumn’s Mummy offers this empowering piece to support those mummies facing their own challenges in this respect.

Mummy Rules is tackling the teething stage which is a whole new level of fun.  Speaking of which, one for anyone that has ever attempted to dress a three year old: Annette at 3 Little Buttons first shared this poem with me last year.  I was thrilled to see it published over on her blog a few weeks ago.  Muffin Top Mummy had me sniggering behind my hand at her poem about one of the less glamorous parts of parenthood.  Nobody can quite prepare you for the amount of carnage that such a tiny human can make can they?

Love them as we do, there is definitely something to be said for that special time of day: Bedtime. Bards for Babes wrote this magical piece to send her little one off peacefully to the land of nod.  While Old House In The Shires had a slightly more challenging bed time experience.  I think that my two must have read this one themselves as they seem to follow this routine to the letter!

But then we blink, and they are celebrating their first birthday!  Lycra Widow celebrated her little one’s special day with this touching poem.  In no time at all we find ourselves clearing away the treasured toys of our preschoolers as they grow up in front of our eyes.  Carol at Virtually Allsorts is embracing new adventures as her little girl approaches 8.

Of course the whole parenthood journey isn’t always quite as it appears to be on our Instagram feeds.  My parody of Julia Donaldson’s Superworm tells a story of one mum’s experience with this.  Agent Spitback wrote this fantastic piece as she delved further into a particularly inspirational Instagram snap with hilarious results!  Midlife Dramas In Pyjamas also found herself feeling somewhat disillusioned with what is promised on the bottle, and how the reality (of shampoo in this case) never quite measures up.

Tim at Slouching Towards Thatcham treated us to another of his fabulous parodies.  This time he shares Taylor Swift’s smash, with a parental hangover kind of twist.  Nicole at Tales From Mamaville summed it up with her parody – These Are a Few Of My Least Favourite Things.  Totally real.  Totally honest.  Absolutely sums up why we all do it!

The Prompt by Mum Turned Mom offered us some stunning poetry this month.   Sara herself offered us her thought provoking and striking piece:  Glass.  Cara L McKee also captured the intrigue, promise and danger of Whispers.  Not forgetting our lovely Poetry and Prose co-editor Victoria who gave us her interpretation in her heartfelt post Guardian Angel.

As we breathe in the summer with anticipation, Kamsin Kaneko offers us this piece on procrastination.  It struck a chord with me, and includes the perfect poem: The Summer Day by Mary Oliver.   I’ll be back with my next round-up early in July.  Victoria will be sharing her next collection in early June before she takes a break to have her baby.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this brilliant post by Rambling Through Parenthood.  A piece with which I am sure many of us will be able to relate.  Here’s to a lovely May!

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