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When BritMum’s asked for someone to test and review a product to make the user look less tired and more awake, I jumped at the chance, as after all, if any one is in need of a wonder product like this, it’s a single parent with chronic fatigue!

When the Party Eyes arrived, I liked the simple, no fuss packaging. It’s straight to the point and instead of writing the instructions in teeny tiny writing that requires you to search for your child’s bug hunting magnifying glass that they got given for their birthday 3 years ago, it’s printed on the inside. You are unlikely to keep the packaging as the product is well made and sturdy and so you un fold the box to reveal the instructions inside.

Saying that, you hardly need to. It’s super easy (perfect for those of us who’s morning routine consists of teeth and a splash of water on your face) as the product comes in a shiny silver pen-like style. You take the lid off to reveal an applicator brush and click the end of the tube to release the Party Eye’s cream. A couple of clicks produces enough product for each eye or if like me, your under eye bags could rival the giant IKEA blue shopping bags, you may need an extra click. I have to admit that I applied it to my under eye area and eye lids and considered painting it over my entire face when I woke up particularly tired one morning. Oh and it doesn’t hurt if you get a little over excited at the prospect of looking fresh faced and youthful and get it in both of your eyes, simultaneously. 

I purposefully didn’t google or read anything about the product before I tried it. I didn’t know what to expect or how it was supposed to work before applying it for the first time. Or the second and third.


Party Eyes 

The product itself is a white cream. You dab and gently pat it into your under eye area (and lids if like me) and it is quickly absorbed. I felt a teensy bit of tightening as it dried but it wasn’t uncomfortable nor irritating. 

Initially, I didn’t notice much of a change. I wasn’t sure what to look for but the darkness still remained sadly and my right eye, which was particularly puffy that day, still looked the same, but we are talking less than 5 minutes here. 

I applied the tiniest amount of make up – powder, mascara and eye liner, no concealer or anything on top of the Party Eyes and went out for the day with my son and my sister. As I was the passenger, about 30 minutes after applying the Party Eyes, I looked in the car mirror and was really surprised that I could see a noticeable difference. I truly felt that the discolouration had faded and that my eyes weren’t that puffy. 

That made me feel great and gave me a well needed confidence boost.

After lunch, I went to the bathroom and noticed that my mascara had bled a little onto my under eye area which is a fault of my mascara and not the serum – it’s happened many a time before. I wet my finger and gently wiped it off and could feel the smoothness of the product on that area. I began to think of it as both a serum that is absorbed and performs it’s little bit of science, and like a blurring primer type of product if you can follow my description?

I decided to look at the brand website and read about the three main ingredients:


  • Hyaluronic Acid provides anti ageing properties, improves skin hydration whilst stimulating production of collagen.
  • Haloxyl reduces any darkness eye circles or bags have and increases skin radiance and tone.
  • Coconut oil which us rich in lauric acid and vitamin E provides anti ageing and hydrating properties.


and noted that the minor ‘tightness’ that I experienced, is common – Party Eyes state that some users of the product may experience a mild tingling but it certainly didn’t bother me or put me off. I felt encouraged that it was actually doing something.

I watched one of the YouTube videos on their site and it suggested you apply it at night and top up in the morning if you felt you needed to, and so after 3 days of morning applications, I began to apply at night. 

Now, I am not going to say that this is a miracle product and that I no longer have any eye bags or wrinkles – I do. I don’t think it will ever change as after all, I have a young child, I’m doing it alone and I am long term unwell. But, and it’s a big but, I do see a difference. 

I’ve tried to take photos and I don’t think it shows – I don’t have the right light or a good enough camera, but I honestly feel no pressure to give a good review when given a product, but I truly think that I have seen a difference. 

Thank you Party Eyes, for the opportunity to try your product. If anyone needs it, it’s me. I might have to book a night out (a diet coke in the pub at 7pm because I am so cool) to celebrate not looking like the living dead anymore!

You can learn more about Party Eyes at

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