Positively Inspirational Round-up: Encouragement, surrogacy & envy

Inspirational round-up

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Good day friends, I hope you are well? I’m good as I’ve had the pleasure of reading through loads of wonderful submissions for this month’s Positively Inspirational round-up. There is no defined theme this month, it is a wonderful melange of different but equally inspiring posts.

I’ve really enjoyed reading a few posts from Michelle at The Muddled Mother for this round-up. Michelle’s been having a pretty tough time of late having been diagnosed with post-natal depression, anxiety and border personality disorder. It is definitely worth checking out her recent posts to helping yourself become happy again,  10 reasons why you are a better Mum than you think and this lovely, honest realisation that she has beaten the black dog which has been with her for the last two years.

Comparison is the thief of joy
I’m sure you’ve heard that Theodore Roosevelt quote ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ and it is so true. For years I’ve been advocating that you need to want what you already have to be truly happy in life. The coveting of things, money, other lives or success will always lead to you feeling discontent. I enjoyed this post from Rebecca at Rock and Roses Mama where she examines why envy is a deadly sin and encourages us to be empowered by our high achieving peers and not intimidated.

Well here is a different topic for you, I’ve never had a post on surrogacy before in the Positively Inspirational round-up but why not? The decision to become a surrogate that Jenna at Then There Were Three has made has been stirring up a few emotions for people, good and bad. It is of course not a decision to be taken lightly but after 15 years of contemplation she feels ready to start the journey next year, I wish her all the best.

Living Well
This next post is so inspiring and definitely worth a read. Natalie at Surviving Life’s Hurdles shares with us her strategies for living life well when you have a chronic illness. 18 months ago this young mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and this blog documents the ups and downs of living with a chronic illness as well as being a support and encouragement to anyone dealing with one of the hurdles life throws at us.

Luis at Single Daddy Daycare encourages all separated parents to ‘stay classy’ when co-parenting. I have to admit that I haven’t read many posts about single or co-parenting before as it isn’t a situation I’ve found myself in but this was a really good read and I enjoyed hearing that Luis and his ex-wife consider it really important to value the other equally as a parent. What can be better for the child than having two parents who both love the child and can communicate and get along well for the sake of that child, if nothing else?

Being Kind
If Kirsty at Life with Boys hadn’t flagged this post up as inspirational I’d have been adding it myself anyway as Amber is just the most amazing and impassioned writer. Her recent post on Meet the Wildes titled ‘My Perfect Body’ is a raw and inspiring reflection on her body that has grown and nourished two sets of twins in just two years. I am in awe as my body knew how hard it was to grow even one set!

It’s a beautiful open letter to the mother in the doctor’s surgery from Victoria at Mummy Times Two. There is such gentle and encouraging words in this letter reminding all us parents that very often there is no right or wrong when it comes to parenting decisions in times of stress, just whichever route we choose to take and being kind to ourselves. Julie at Mummy It’s OK writes in a similar vein reminding us that being good enough makes us a perfect parent.

I think that sometimes parenting and engaging with your kids feels far easier than others and perhaps if now is one of those more lean times then perhaps the challenge presented by One Messy Mama will be one for you. She gives 31 daily prompts to help you engage with and inspire your child/ children for the next month. Thanks to Eva at Captain Bobcat for flagging this post to me.

Inspiring Women
I’ll leave you with a couple of wonderful posts from Jacqui at Mummy’s Little Monkey, the first about Anikka Burton, the founder of notanotherbunchofflower.com, cancer survivor and first-time mum and the second  is about Sharon McBean, who saw a gap in the market and took the bull by the horns creating a beautiful dancing ballerina jewellery box with a black ballerina so her dancing daughter could have her dream of owning one fulfilled.

That’s me done folks. Lizzie will be back with the round-up for June and I’ll catch you again in July. Have a fab month, Mich x

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  1. Sophia 06 May 2017 at 10:10 #

    Comparison is most definitely the thief of all joy! Could not agree more! I think as a mom this is especially a problem as I always feel like my friends are better at ‘mom-hood’ that what I am! Well said!

    • Michelle Twin Mum 07 May 2017 at 23:09 #

      Yes other mothers make things look so simple and then I love it when you have a heart to heart with someone and tell them how awesome you find it when they do XYZ and they look shocked and say ‘really, I always feel crap at that’. We all suffer the same. x Mich x

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