Finance Round-up: The pre-election edition

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We are now well into the new tax year and since then a General Election has been called! Who knows what the future holds for us after 8th June but keeping our finances in order is a policy we should all have. This month we have advice that we can all use whatever state our finances in and completely free of any political leanings! 

The ISA limit for this tax year has been upped to £20,000 per year. Do you use ISAs for their full tax-free advantages? When they were first launched there was only a couple of different ISAs to choose from but now there are many more. If you’re having trouble knowing your Cash ISA from your Help-to-Buy ISA then take a look at this guide from Lotty Earns.

One thing we do know about the future is our individual need to fund our retirements. If you already have pension plans in place then keep them reviewed regularly but what do you do if you haven’t got a pension? There are many reasons why you may not be contributing to a pension at the moment. Kalpana at Mummy Money Matters advises us what you can do if you have no pension.

Confused about the policies from the political parties? Don’t know who to believe? Well if it’s time-old trusted advice you’re after you then you can’t do better than Postman Pat! From tax relief to renewable energy let Pat and his chums help you with 5 money saving lessons as told to Thrifty Mum Hollie.

If you’re trying to save money you can fall into two camps. These are people just being able to save money and those who need a goal to aim for. Back in March Eileen at Your Money Sorted set herself a goal of saving £800. Was she able to get to the total? Have a read of all the methods she has tried to raise the cash.

It’s easy to say you want to save money but does your current lifestyle support such ideals? If you really want to save then it’s time to immerse yourself in frugal living. The sister team that is Joleisa show us where to start with their 10 ways to frugal living.

Most people who save some money put it in a bank or building society in order to keep it safe. Also with inflation rates your money needs to keep up by earning interest. The latest figures available from March 2017 show the Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 2.3%. If the money you have sitting in an account is earning interest at less than inflation it is effectively losing value. Paul at Household Money Savings has been trawling the latest bank and building societies accounts to find which ones are best to keep your cash in.

Bank accounts are a hot topic at the moment with our bloggers. How many accounts do you have? One for personal use and maybe one for household bills? Perhaps you also have a business account if you’re self employed. What about 11 different accounts? If you think that’s too many then let Andy from Be Clever With Your Cash explain why he has so many bank accounts.

Each week more and more banks close down some of their branches. The standard reason for this is that customers are no longer using them as they used to and so much of our banking is now done completely online. Could you ditch your high street bank? Find out how Savvy Dad Ollie is thinking of joining the digital banking world.

Another big talking point at the moment is car financing. For many of us our cars are our lifelines and we would struggle with our daily lives without one. However they are expensive items. Of course there’s a big different in price if you want a reliable runaround compared to fancy sporty model but we are still talking thousands of pounds. It doesn’t help as well that cars start losing their value as soon as you take ownership of it! If you’re unsure about the differences in financing a car purchase then let Sara at Debt Camel guide you through how they all work. Faith from Much More With Less will also tell you why a Personal Contract Plan may not be the best way to finance your next car.

It is only May but dare we mention the ‘C’ this early in the year? Of course we should. Christmas is a hugely expensive time from presents to parties and everything inbetween. Putting money aside each month is a great thing to do but there are many Christmas items you can get for free! Fiona at Savvy in Somerset shares her tips on how to find the best deals throughout the year.

One way to save on presents throughout the year is through the buying and selling of gift cards. If you think a £10 gift voucher is going to cost you £10 then think again. Lee at Homely Economics tells us of three tricks on how to save money on gift cards.

Much has been said recently about housing. With interest rates at an all-time low mortgages have never seemed more attractive but which type do you go for? Esther from Money Nuggets explains each type of mortgage and remember there’s been a few election pledges to build more houses…

We’re getting used to our monthly frugal recipe from Kelly at Reduced Grub. This month she brings us Bad boy spicy potatoes. Potatoes are of course as cheap as chips (apologises for the pun!) and this homemade version of Bombay Potatoes will save you from paying out on a takeaway version.

There’s been one bank holiday after another recently and there’s always jobs around the house that can be done. We’re not thinking about mowing the lawn or decorating the bedroom but ways to make and save money! Emma’s Savvy Savings has a list of six money making jobs you can do this coming bank holiday.

With all the advice we dole out each month you may think we are the smartest, most frugal and perhaps the wealthiest bloggers about. We know all the answers and we must follow our own advice but we are also human. Life happens and sometimes we don’t know how we will react to different situations. So for this month I’m going to leave you with the confessions of a personal finance blogger from Mrs Mummypenny herself, Lynn.

If you want to feature in a future finance round-up then contact me via my Facebook page or on Twitter.

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