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I always feel my behaviour becomes more environmentally friendly in Spring because the days are longer so I use the lights less, the temperatures are higher so the heating is on less and the weather is getting nicer so I use the car less. Which season or month do you think is the best for the environment?

As always I’ve enjoyed finding and reading environmental posts and I’m delighted that this month I have included some new blogs. I hope this is a sign that more people are reducing their negative impact.


The term “environment” covers a wide spectrum of topics including water pollution, ozone layer, deforestation and food miles so I’ve looked for posts that cover a range of topics. I particularly like the Eco Thrifty Living Post Why becoming a zero waste, vegan, minimalist is not the solution to all our problems all of the time because it highlights the contradictory nature of improving the environment, as improving one area can increase the negative impact in another area. Gina at Gypsy Soul has written about Environmentally Friendly Tips for Pet Owners and on Pigeon Pair and me you can find out about Eco Hotels in Europe.

Reducing waste

As normal there are lots of suggestions on how to reduce waste starting, with the Mum Diaries’ post 5 ways your family can reduce your household waste. My Zero Waste has a post considering how to reduce plastic waste Would you like a plastic free aisle in supermarkets? Here’s how to get one in just seven seconds! With regards food waste The Rubbish Diet asks Freeze everything? yes nearly! A waste I don’t normally include is fabric waste so I’m really pleased there are two posts both from Vicky Myers Creations Permission to fail – refashioning and Free fabric scraps clutch tutorial


The Mum Diaries has reviewed the Reusable Bamboo Cup – Sweetness and Pea and Babyfoote the Bambo Natur eco-nappy


Red Ted Art has been wondering what to make with shredded paper and the answer is papier mache Layers of the earth bowls (or at least for this month, I’m sure Maggy will have another suggestion or two in the future).

I hope you’re feeling inspired by the huge variety of topics in this month’s post. If so please comment below or on the relevant post to encourage blogger to keep sharing their environmental ideas.  Don’t forget to let me know what topics you want to know more about or to send me links to your posts for the next round-up via my blog or tweet me @katedavis


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Kate’s first environmental action was picking cans out of the bins at school for recycling, leading to a green Blue Peter badge, and developing in to a career as an environmental consultant. At home she spends her time trying to convince her two children to turn off lights and tap and her husband to consider eco features as they turn an old care home into their family home. Kate is originally from Yorkshire, but now lives in Oxfordshire. She blogs at darktea www.darktea.co.uk/blog and is on Twitter @katedavis.

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