Why Easter is my new favourite time of the Year

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Blogger Jo from Guilty Mother tells us why she loves Easter!  Take it away Jo…

I used to think that autumn was my favourite time of the year. All those beautiful colours of the leaves, everything looks magical to me. However, I suppose you could argue that all seasons have their own unique charm. But I’m putting my hand up and saying no to Autumn as I’m thinking Spring is my new number one. Easter is typically the first holiday of Spring that marks the official end to winter. Hurrah. The clocks are forward and we have officially come out of hibernation! Easter could be my new favourite time of year and perhaps, one of the most underrated holidays of them all.

When we think about Spring, we think about cherry blossoms and lambs and of course, Easter. But have you ever wondered where the connection is between Easter and eggs? If you have, I’ll save you the trouble, as I did some research. It would seem that eggs illustrate new life, just as Jesus began his new life on East Sunday after the miracle of his resurrection. When eggs are cracked open they are said to symbolise an empty tomb. Originally eating eggs was forbidden in the week leading up to Easter (known as Holy Week). They were saved and decorated in the run-up to the celebration, and given to children as gifts. So there you have it – an interesting fact.

Here are my five reasons why Easter is great for families:-

The Temperature

Ideal temperature for everyone. Bright and sunny, but not too hot. No coats required. Just a dash of sun cream (just in case) and they are free to run wild.

No stress (unlike Christmas)

Yay. Unlike Christmas stress, Easter means minimal presents to buy. There’s no tears over who’s house you will be at for Christmas day and don’t forget to visit Auntie Edna or she’ll get upset. Plus, all those wasted presents the kids said they wanted then never played with ever again.

All you need is a few Easter eggs from any local supermarket and you’re done. Or get five for £20 at Thorntons. It’s chocolate. No big deal. In fact, exchanging of gifts can be optional. And please don’t do Easter cards. It’s just another thing for busy parents to do. An Easter hug will do.

Get Crafty

I’m a parenting fail when it comes to craft, but hey, let’s embrace the sticking, painting and gluing. Don’t be shy. Kids just love a bit of craft. A few colourful feathers and miniature Easter chicks will do. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, embrace your inner Blue Peter and just pretend you do. Go on, get yourself a few bags of acrylic Easter sun catchers for the children to paint. The kits are £1.99 each and include the paint and brush. No mess. No fuss. Trust me, it works!

Park Life

You can spend your whole bank holiday either at home with the BBQ, laughing with friends and family, which for me, it utter bliss. Or take some family time to have a stroll around the park, surrounded by blooming tulips whilst feeding the ducks. All of a sudden, the UK seems so still and beautiful. And don’t forget the essential visit to the ice cream van.

Egg Hunt

Smart parents will strategically hide the eggs so well around the garden that it takes at least an hour for the children to find all of them, whilst you kick back with a glass of wine shouting “keep looking. Oh, you’re sooo close to finding the last seven eggs! Well done darlings!”

And just when they have returned with all the coloured plastic eggs, you set one last final challenge…to find the final golden egg. As the excitement builds in their little faces once again, they swiftly set off in different directions as they desperately rummage in the flower borders. Yep, they won’t find that one. I ate it earlier.

Happy Easter everyone!

Jo Wimble-Groves headshot Jo Wimble-Groves writes the blog Guilty Mother – an honest and (sometimes funny) blog for mums who feel guilty about juggling work, kids and home-life. Here’s to feeling less guilty!

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